Sony E3 2016 Predictions: The Last of Us 2 and More Heavy Hitters

The Sony E3 2016 press conference will be all about those big name games.

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showtimefolks1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

these are the games i expect to see or hear more about:

detroit:become human
shenmue 3 demo or gameplay trailer
announcement of FF15 exclusive partnership/exclusive limited edition bundle
FF7 update/gameplay trailer. release window of 2017
red dead 2(yes R* will have sony announce it just like sony announced gta 5 for next gen)
possibly a red dead redemption remaster
god of war Teaser
call of duty on stage demo
destiny next expansion news
the last guardian demo(maybe gameplay trailer with release date of 2016)
no man sky trailer/maybe a demo
playstation VR
some news about new hardware or debunk the rumors

some maybe:

sony bend's dead don't ride
kingdom hearts 3(maybe demo maybe another trailer)
dreams(could be held back till paris game weekly

wishful for me:

shenmue 1-2 HD
yakuza collection for ps4

atleast 1 or 2 huge megaton announcements like maybe half life 3 will be developed by ND LOL(ND did tweet asking valve)

ShadowKnight1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Hopefully some news on Nier and Sucker Punch new IP. I would love to see a new Spider-Man exclusive game.

showtimefolks1803d ago

can't believe i for that. es we will hear about sucker punch's new game(very likely to be a spiderman title)

neir is one game i could see getting more on air time at paris game show

reaper6021803d ago

Shenmue 1&2 HD Collection and Yakuza Collection are definitely on top of my E3 wishlist =)

Kingthrash3601803d ago

I'd like to see a gow, crash, a couple new ips and tekken.....I need tekken right now.
I don't expect tlou2...not at all...not till 2017 sometime...

showtimefolks1803d ago

honestly speaking at e3 i would be happy with one of these 2 being announced

Lightning Mr Bubbles1803d ago

I wish they would announce all that.

PC-Gaming-19901803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!!! i love it the build up the hype the excitement the even the disappointment i love it..
my predictions are pretty average i don't expect TLoU2 so soon after U4 so mine are pretty basic predictions.

-15 minutes for bore of duty!!
-Destiny DLC trailer
- TLG Gameplay demo with the release date
-half an hour dedicated to Neo and VR
-Shenmue 3 trailer
-Dead Dont Ride reveal
-Drawn to death gameplay and release date
-Horizon Gameplay
-Detroit Become Human gameplay
-FF7 gameplay release of 2017
-Sucker Punch new IP
-No Mans Sky trailer
-Matterfall Gameplay
-Nier Trailer and release date
-Persona 5 trailer
-Ghost Recon and Watch Dogs 2 to have exclusive pre order DLC on PS4.
-Paragon trailer with beta available now
-Original Crash remastered for PS4

Stuff i would love.

-A new Motorstorm but with Evo closing i doubt that would love a remaster of the first 3.
-Agent news
-The Getaway 3
-New Red Dead or Midnight Club
-New Syphon Filter
-New God Of War
Shenmue 1 & 2 on PS4

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Rookie_Monster1803d ago

Can't wait for Sony E3. My wish list is the Neo, TLOU 2, God of War 4, and a couple of surprises. Since I am also getting a PSVR as well, hope we can see some new games and improvements for it as well. This will be a great E3 for Sony.

DrakeFan11803d ago ShowReplies(9)
Movefasta19931803d ago

them disagrees though, neo tlou2 gow 4 are def the 3 i am most hyped for.

Goldby1803d ago

I Think the reason people be hating on you, as i have in the past but have learned to just keep that kind of stuff off this site, it may be that on almost every post on a ps article, you not only state your opinion but it's either started with the fact you have a ps4 or psvr or finishes with that.

Even if i knew a friend who owns a ferrarri, if he brings it up every time we talk ill get annoyed at him too.

Just a thought Rookie

Aloy-Boyfriend1803d ago

He has multiple accounts. He is not fooling anyone. That is why he gets dislikes

Goldby1803d ago

oh i understand that, but its just annoyign how its constantly thrown in our faces, PS4 this PSVR that, im getting both but you dont see me telling everyone in every comment

gangsta_red1803d ago


I'm going to mark out if God of War 4 is shown. I really hope they switch it up but not so much that it strays far from the original design.

TLoU 2 seems like it may get a teaser. Maybe a a CGI trailer to get everyone hyped up for what's coming next from ND.

And definitely Neo, we need to put these rumors to rest.

Christopher1803d ago

Don't want new GoW w/Kratos and his storyline.
Don't want TLoU2 but new IP, new possibilities, new characters.
Meh, Neo, my PS4 better not get less focus.

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Yui_Suzumiya1803d ago

BioShock: The Collection since we all know it's real.

kraenk121803d ago

I doubt they are gonna show TLOU2. U4 story DLC possibly.

Kaneki-Ken1803d ago

Well Nolan North did confirm that he is involved with The Last Of Us 2 so anything could happen.

Goldby1803d ago

accidentally disagreed* sorry bro

Gamist2dot01803d ago

I thought it was hilarious when he accidentally slip that, and the room went completely silent. lol

Jburr941803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Thank their voting system for that, it sucks we can't take back likes or dislikes

Germany71803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

The Last of Us 2 will be epic, but it's too soon for Naughty Dog to announce now.

I will be really happy with:

Spiderman by Sucker Punch
Crash Bandicoot coming back home
Santa Monica's new game, hope it's God of War 4 with nordic settings.
Sony Bend's new game, the concept looks amazing

Also more details of Detroit, Dreams, Wild, Gran Turismo, Nier and PSVR.

They could confirm the release dates of The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2, Dreams and NioH, probably these games will be released this year, also Gran Turismo.

I would love an announcement of Vanquish 2, but that's not going to happen.

Edit: How could i forget Ni no Kuni 2!

_-EDMIX-_1803d ago

"The Last of Us 2 will be epic, but it's too soon for Naughty Dog to announce now" I don't know about that.

The other half of their team could have been working on it for years ie since The Last Of Us 1 was completed. Could be fall 2017 or even spring 2018. I'd say it might be the right time to start marketing it.

Sony loves long marketing tails and maybe this might be another one of them.

I agree with rest though. Really, really want to here more news on Detroit. The Getaway 3 is my fanboy wish lol May not happen of course, but we need a wildcard, we can't just throw out FFVII and Shenmue 3 anymore!

DAMN! Vanquish 2 would be LEGIT!

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