Zed Is A Lot Like Myst, and That’s Perfectly Fine - Cliqist

Georgi Trenev writes: "Well, I’ll probably never witness those exact things again, but a certain game on Kickstarter that goes by the name of Zed might actually be able to bring back the feeling of solving obscure puzzles while trying to figure out a story told by hidden diagrams and awkwardly placed pots."

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garyanderson1358d ago

Certainly looks beautiful, hopefully it plays better than Myst.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1357d ago

This looks beautiful. I should mention that Chuck Carter was an artist who worked on Myst. He designed all the environments for that game which is why the one he is working on now has that Myst feel to it. I really love the look of this. I hope he gets funding.

Relientk771357d ago

This looks really cool, love Myst