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Gaming Boulevard wrote their Overwatch review and concluded:

Blizzard nailed it once again with Overwatch. As of release the game is light but the amount of characters and strategies one can come up with is more than enough to engage players for a very long time. And that's not even keeping in account the fact that more free content is on the way. Overwatch is an absolute thrill to play. The game feels smoother than butter ever will and the variety is huge. Overwatch sets up a simple plot as an excuse for the event that unfolds and doesn't focus on it any more than the bare minimum. It does a great job of adding small details into its world to give it some more character. The heroes themselves are all fun to play as there is enough to unlock to give them your own personal touch. The general uselessness of the micro transactions make them feel a bit cheap but other than that Blizzard nails the presentation. The amount of care and detail that was put in the visuals and sound to actually benefit the gameplay is remarkable and respectable. Blizzard made a gem of a game that's in there for the long haul. Expect to play Overwatch for many many years to come.

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