Burnout the Best Type of Racer

Daniel Fugate, Games Reviews: I’m not a realistic racing game fan. You can keep Forza and the rest. For me, the best racers are the unrealistic ones like Need For Speed, Mario Kart, and my all-time favorite: Burnout! Today, I want to talk about Burnout and why I think its so cool.

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I3loggs241803d ago

Burnout might be my absolute favorite racing game franchise, Its hard to believe Burnout Paradise came out in 2008, we are overdue for a new Burnout!

spicelicka1802d ago

Absolutely agree! I've never had that much fun with any other racer ever, only game that comes close is Forza horizon 2, for me.

I can't believe that crashing formula hasn't been replicated by other games. I don't want simulation, i wanna go super fast and make cars crash everywhere!

Shubhendu_Singh1802d ago

Your GT and Forza might be carporn...but Burnout games are like "Play me like when you're five" amazingness in a goodway.

In Burnout, you aren't in love with the're in LOVE with everything these heavy kilo mechanical beasts represent.
The Vroooom Vrooom thing we all used to do when we were five year old is all alive when you play Burnout games.
Simply makes me realize why we fell in love with the cars in the first place.

Retroman1802d ago

Yes we are. after the reboot flop of NFS we are overdue for new Burnout.

just hope criterion games don't make it feel like NFS since they made NFS feel like Burnout "Hotpursuit" "Mostwanted" "Rivals" those was Burnout in disguise.

Nyxus1802d ago

This series needs to be revived. Burnout 3 is still my favorite racing game of all time.

garrettbobbyferguson1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Let it stay dead. We don't need EA resurrecting any more series only to ruin them. Let EA stick to Battlefield. I can only imagine how bad it would be they released a new one. Car skins for 5 dollars each, micro transactions everywhere. Pay 30 dollars and you can unlock all the cars immediately. Some weird progression system.

Movefasta19931802d ago

Revenge for me, but i skipped over 3.I hear they are similar.

superchiller1802d ago

Revenge is absolutely fantastic, one of my favorite arcade style racing games. But you really should try Burnout 3, it's incredible; nothing has come close to the pure adrenaline rush you get with that game.

Deadpooled1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

An announcement for a new Burnout at EA's conference, one that's like Burnout Paradise (no silly 'new identities' like they mentioned with that Most Wanted remake years ago, even though it ran great on the PSVita, a proper Burnout game), would imo end up being one of the biggest of this years conference.

Immorals1802d ago

'proper burnout', 'like paradise'.

Choose one. Paradise was good, but it was in no way a burnout game.

superchiller1802d ago

I agree. I much prefer Burnout 3 and Revenge, some of the best arcade style racing games out there. Paradise just wasn't the same style at all, although it was certainly a great game in its own right.

garrettbobbyferguson1802d ago

"Unrealistic ones"

This is called an arcade racer. If you use this term you may have luck in finding more.

NotanotherReboot1802d ago

Agreed. The market seems to be flooded with racing sims, but not many arcade racers like burnout. Combat racers are also cool too. I really like the game GRIP on Steam

cyber_daemonx1802d ago

Grip is the spiritual successor to my old PS1 fave Rollcage. I've been praying for a new one for years now. Grip is an answer to those prayers.

NotanotherReboot1802d ago

It's great. can't wait for more content to be released

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