The GeForce GTX 1070 Review

A high performance GPU you can actually afford.

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R6ex1353d ago

Waiting for cheaper and higher performance AIB cards to land.

I3loggs241354d ago

A high performance gpu I cant actually afford. Retailers are selling the GTX 1080 for $1250 aud, thats more expensive then a Titan and more expensive then the GTX 980TI at release. I remember Nvidia claiming both 1070 + 1080 cards would be cheaper then the 980 970 cards, if the 1070 doesnt come down to around $500, I think ill finally give AMD cards a shot.

ravinash1353d ago

Seems to be a few places inflating the price while the stocks are in short supply.

Grap1353d ago

so don't buy it now. and report anyone who sell it more than it's price.

susanto12281353d ago

give it time....I will probably wait till November for the big sales.

kevnb1353d ago

I would just wait, prices will go down and the third party coolers will come soon.

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ninsigma1353d ago

Brilliant price/performance. Titan equivalent for 400?? Damn straight this would be the card I'd get if I was on a budget!

susanto12281353d ago

Getting my EVGA soon will be GLORIOUS!!!

FlyingFoxy1353d ago

Much better value for money than the 1080, much like 970 to the 980. Literally the only worthy upgrade will be from 1070/980Ti to 1080Ti IMO, as that will show a decently big leap unlike with the 1080.

freshslicepizza1353d ago

sounds like the 1080 is better suited for ultra 1440p gaming and above.

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