John Hardin talks about the possibility of Japanese voices in the English version of Persona 5

Atlus USA and Sega of America PR Manager, John Hardin, comments on the possibility of adding Japanese voices to the English version of Persona 5.

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gangsta_red1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Damn, I really, really hate playing Japanese role playing games with English dubs. I always turn on Japanese language option with english subtitles.

I remember I had to quit Star Ocean for 360 because the dubbing for that little girl was so horrible.

I don't even remember if the past Persona's had it but I wish this new one would since it's been delayed since forever.

Summons751803d ago

That's fine for you. Personally I hate having to sit and read when I am trying to relax or having to miss out on action because I am watching the bottom of the screen reading or miss out on key plot points because sometimes (not often) the lines will go by too fast and you will miss information. Not to mention the fact that Jp voice actors aren't perfect either and while there are some cringe worthy performances you can typically bet those same games will have equally if not more cringeworthy JP voices. Of course this isn't always the case and I do love watching foreign horror and kung fu films and Yakuza easily one of my favorite game series.

Best option is if there is an option for both so everyone is happy.

Yi-Long1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Original voices and English subs are an absolute must-have for me. I have -zero- interest in playing a dubbed game.

It sounds ridiculous that they can't manage to do that, but even if the western release can't, they should just release English subs for the Japanese release as DLC, perhaps after the Western release has come out so it won't affect Western Sales through imports.

Luckily Square Enix now seems to ship many of their games with dual-audio. They seem capable of doing it.

notachance1802d ago

damn, I'm the very same man, I can't finish Star Ocean because that little girl was just so creepy

SaveFerris1803d ago

Why would dual audio be difficult to add?

TheGamez1001803d ago

I believe it costs more and there are legal issues/contracts with the voice actors and such. Sometimes for some companies it costs them less to dub than to keep the original voices. And other complications...

GameBoyColor1803d ago

Sega brings over Miku games like it's nothing, they should help Atlus out here otherwise I'll be buying the ps3 version to undub it myself.

DemonChicken1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I can't believe that hiring new VA to do new work and to implement the new voices which adds extra time to the cost would be less then using & paying for what is originally there

TheColbertinator1803d ago

Inb4 Yi-Long comes

Either way I just want to play it whether the voices are English,Japanese or Afrikaans

Yi-Long1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I'm pretty damn sure you'd complain if it was French only. Or Spanish. Or German.

You know it is going to be in English so you act as if it's no big deal, because for you it isn't.

It's 2016. There's no good reason why the original language needs to be butchered out.

TheColbertinator1802d ago

Heh I speak Spanish and a bit of German too. Japanese is much more difficult since its word structure and phonics is nowhere near Latin. My disadvantage in learning it for a decade.

Heyxyz1803d ago

Why is it that a huge company like Atlus can't be bothered to have dual audio when smaller companies like NIS can.


Oh well, at least Persona usually has a decent dub...

GameBoyColor1803d ago

Have to agree with you here. Small companies like compile heart and nis shell out dual audio like it's free paper. Even Atlus has Tokyo Mirage Sessions coming soon with a bunch of music and voice actors yet has no issue being sub only... It's kinda hard seeing why dual audio wouldn't be in this game.

SilverClock1802d ago

I never had too much of an issue with Persona's English dubs, but with other JRPG's I have. The option would be nice though, just in case.