Top 5 Reasons Why We're Not Excited for E3 2016

PlayStation LifeStyle gives their top five reasons why they aren't excited for E3 2016.

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onisama1799d ago

the only reason i can think of is that you hate video games

ApocalypseShadow1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

That is what I was thinking when I ran across this article.

They don't like videogames.
They don't like doing their job of reporting about videogames.
They don't like getting up close to the games and game industry members.
They think the zika virus will be there.
They think someone is making a zika virus videogame.

But after watching the video, it's number 2: they don't like doing their job. If they don't like doing their job, they should get another job. E3 is what it is and has always been. Games get delayed. You have to have patience. If you don't have that, you can't do any job well or enjoy it.

Deadpooled1799d ago

At this moment in time, looking at some of the articles and gaming reveals recently posted, what is disappointing imo is that they include the words "remake" or "remaster".

Kallisti1799d ago

Now I want to play a zika virus game. Preferably one where you spread the virus to others

onisama1799d ago

i cant agree more ur right

JLynn9431799d ago

No NX and having some long-awaited reveals happen last year takes a little excitement away for me this year, but I'm still looking forward to seeing what's new and hopefully getting some updates and surprises.

SegaGamer1799d ago

Some of their reasons are pathetic.

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_LarZen_1799d ago

I got depressed watching. Personally I'm super excited for E3 and I watch it each year hour after hour and have a great time.

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The story is too old to be commented.