RUMOR: OPM Rumor's Kingdom Hearts III at TGS

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OPM Issue 23 reached subscribers yesterday and the issue contained 2 world exclusive reviews of Mercenaries 2 and Fifa 09, both god 7/10 and 9/10 respectfully.

But there was an intersting part in the issue which may raise a couple of eyebrows come TGS time including ours.

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typo god should be good

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Deviant3703d ago

*dreams* i need some good jrpgs :(.

MrWonderful3703d ago

i share your pain. and i hope the look at the sales of rpgs on the 360 and realize that its just not worth the effort to put a rpg on it.

chasuk083703d ago

only japanese buy jrpgs, why do you think they are called jrpgs ???

So why would sony and others waste their time making them for europe and america

Ice2ms3703d ago

chasuk08 - You do realise nigh every good RPG is a JRPG dont you ?

All the final fantasys, Kingdom hearts ... loads
they sell loads outside japan !

chasuk083703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

name some jrpgs apart from final fantasy and kingdom hearts that have sold in the millions outside japan ??

and im talking about japanese made rpgs

gaffyh3703d ago

Pokemon (most of the early ones) have sold millions worldwide.

chasuk083703d ago

Ok i accept defeat, as i was one of the many millions to buy pokemon. But i cant think of any rpg that has sold millions this gen, so going by that are developers reluctant to make them ?

calis3703d ago

I can almost guarantee it won't be on the 360.

PS3 only or PS3/Wii is the best bet.

waltercross3703d ago

Secret of mana sold over 1 million world wide, not sure
how much was outside of Japan.

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Relcom3703d ago

from OPM:“Kingdom Hearts III is currently in development as a PS3 exclusive and will be announced at TGS.”

Please be true!

Overr8ed3703d ago

I doubt their be news of Kingdom Hearts 3 since the team is busy working on Versus 13. But one can dream huh.

Critical_Hit3703d ago

Agrees. Unless Squeenix finds another team to work on the game, this seems like a pretty far-fetched rumor. However, one can still hope :).

Homicide3703d ago

Please don't let it be a Wii exclusive. PS3 FTW!

Reibooi3703d ago

While I don't doubt that KH3 will most likely be a PS3 exclusive and that it is already in some form of development I sort of doubt it will be unveiled until after Birth By Sleep ships which isn't for awhile yet. You can be sure Nomura-san will want to be fully in control and with all the other things on his plate right now I doubt he would take on another game.

TheHater3703d ago

agree, Nomura have too many projects he is working on right now. As soon as some of them are complete, I am sure he will start working on Kingdom Hearts 3

SixTwoTwo3703d ago

I would be very surprised if they announced KH3 before FFXIII is finished and out the door. But then again they did announce FFXIII before FFXII was even available worldwide so its definitely possible.

socomnick3703d ago

Its from square wonder if they will take the multiplatform approach of just release it on the wii to make a butt load of money.

PirateThom3703d ago

What multiplatform approach?

Infinite Undiscovery?
Last Remnant?
Star Ocean 4?

There is no multiplatform approach at Square Enix, there's everything on 360 unless it's by Nomura since he's a PS Fanboy.

socomnick3703d ago

wow really I though they wanted to take Capcoms approach and make everything multiplatform. Well anyway I rather this game go to a next gen console instead of the wii. So heres to that.

PirateThom3703d ago

Definitely, although I definitely bat for the PS3 team, anything except Wii, really. I'd rather it was just on 360 over Wii.

TheColbertinator3703d ago

Guys dont argue with Socomnick.He has a PS3 so dont worry about too much of what he says.If this game gets on either 360 or PS3 I will get it.I play games,not consoles

IzKyD13313703d ago

"Last Remnant is coming to the ps3 as well"

unfortunately, I can almost guarantee the PS3 version will be gimped because of the 360

iamtehpwn3703d ago

He's always loved the playstation brand, he's had so much success with it. This game will probably come out for Ps3, using Crystal Tools, and any development lessons learned from Versus XIII

TheColbertinator3703d ago

Last Remnanat will be awful.I can tell because the devlopers made that crap game Drakengard.I am not excited for that one

PirateThom3703d ago

It won't be gimped because of 360, it'll be gimped because it's using Unreal Engine.

SixTwoTwo3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

"unfortunately, I can almost guarantee the PS3 version will be gimped because of the 360"

care to elaborate?

@Steve Colbert... Drakengard was made by cavia, they also made Bullet witch and are currently working with Mistwalker on Cry On. The last remnant is being developed by an internal team at SqEx.

@SC... Wow you just killed my Last Remnant buzz --__-- But at least theres still Valkyria Chronicles to look forward too :)

And yes the Halos ***king rule

kazuma3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

yes last remnant will be available on ps3 and pc too. as far as star ocean 4...
"Square Enix have since stated that there are "no plans" for a PS3 version but have continued to distance the title from the "Xbox 360 Exclusive" label."

let's face it, we all know what it means. it's just like eternal sonata that happened to appear at the esrb rating for ps3 and 360, just like tales of vesperia which appeared on a namco bandai japanese list as ps3/360. look at what happened with the first one, they're even from the same guys.

TheColbertinator3703d ago

@Six Two Two

First things first.Angels are the best in the world!

Second,Cavia is the internal Square Enix team making The Last Remnant.

socomnick3703d ago

I though cryon was being made by the same team as lost oddyssey ? The guys from atlus.

kazuma3703d ago

atlus? O_o

Cry On is being made by mistwalker, they were the ones who made blue dragon and lost odyssey

socomnick3703d ago

sorry for that. Lost oddysey was made by mystwalker+feelplus

They were once called natilus thats why I got confused.

I think its a MS dev now.

TheColbertinator3703d ago


Mistwalker are not 1st party Microsoft.Microsoft just made a three game contract with Mistwalker including Blue Dragon,Lost Odyssey,and Cry On.

socomnick3703d ago

I know colbert but feel plus is owned by ms. Feel plus is the actual devs behind Lost oddysey.

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