Overwatch's Generous Hitboxes Mean That You Can Be Shot From Behind a Wall

Overwatch has been only for only a few short weeks and it’s already a smashing success on all platforms. The game feels fresh and can be jumped into and learned with relative ease. It’s always been clear that Overwatch has some generosity to its aiming, especially with projectile weapon’s like Zenyatta’s orbs or Hanzo’s arrows, but a new video by Youtuber Force Gaming dives deep into the game’s hitboxes, and comes back with some interesting results.

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SunnyZ1797d ago

"Overwatch has been only for only a few short weeks"


Maybe try proof read articles before posting them yeah? Sloppy AF.

MagicBeanz1797d ago

Welcome to N4G where any clown with a keyboard and an internet connection can pretend to be a game journalist.

Perjoss1797d ago

please don't insult actual clowns by comparing them to 'gaming journalists'


Ironthighs1797d ago

I am so glad that I am not the only one that thinks this. I am pretty fed up with "game journalists" in general. From the clickbaity headlines to the complete lack of substance in articles to perpetuating dumb rumors, most of it is all garbage. What happened to NEWS?

Akira20201797d ago

Gaming Journalist.................isn 't that an oxymoron?

3-4-51796d ago

* First problem is expecting anything of quality from Twinfinite.

They are = to a high schooler with their own my space page.

exkalibur971797d ago

i think the problem is lag and tickrates, the hitboxes are big but not big enough to get killed around a corner

DiscoKid1797d ago

Right. It's the tick rate. Lol

SunnyZ1797d ago

Did you watch the video?
Clearly shows players being shot from around a corner...

Perjoss1797d ago

Its true unfortunately, Hanzo arrow hitboxes are really wide and can headshot you when you're clearly behind a wall, there's quite a few videos showing this. I love this game to death but there's a few things that they need to tweak and fix.

venom061797d ago

Overwatch netcode is TRASH. Noted Battlefield community guy & Youtuber "BattleNonSense" that help transform BF4 netcode, has shown a Youtube video test showing how bad it is.

VTKC1797d ago

I been hooked from behind a wall.