The E3 Wishlist: 11 Games We'd Like to See at E3 2016

GameSpew: "E3 is less than a week away. The journey of the hype train is well underway, and GameSpew are up riding in first class, soaking in as much joyous E3 excitement as we possibly can.

Or something like that. The leaks and pre-announcements have already started, so we’ve got an idea of some things to expect, but the big companies always like to keep their biggest and best announcements and showcases under wraps. The GameSpew team have put our heads together to come up with a list of what we’d most like to see revealed at E3 2016, whether that be brand new games or more details on what’s already been announced."

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evilkillerk1803d ago

your list is a little obvious. I'd recommend changing the title.

jambola1802d ago

Why would they do that?
the title is games they'd like to see at e3, the list is of games they'd like to see at e3
Seems like the perfect title to me


it would be irritating him as the games would not have suited him!

evilkillerk1802d ago

i dont mind the games on the list its more the wording. Like to see implies that they are uncertain that they will be there. Words like look forward or can't wait seem more fitting, however its just a personal preference.

jambola1801d ago

But many of the things mentioned here might not be at e3, if he said he's looking forward to or can't wait to see, it wouldn't make sense with those, eg red dead redemption 2 or crash bandicoot remaster