Injustice 2: 10 DC Characters That Should Join the Fight

Injustice 2 might finally be coming this year! Here are 10 DC characters we hope to see in this highly-anticipated sequel.

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Kalebninja1800d ago

Great list, wouldn't mind every one of them.

gangsta_red1800d ago

Much better list I have seen. Would like to see Cheetah, Metallo, Plastic Man, Eclipso and Firestorm.

WeedyOne1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Wow, came here to say they need to add Plastic Man and to my surprise someone beat me to it!
(I work in the plastics industry)

pompombrum1799d ago

Give me Dick or I riot - words I never thought I'd say.. seriously though, I'm all for these but really hope Nightwing returns.

1799d ago