Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book Review - Press Start

Press Start: Alchemy is the art of taking materials and synthesizing them into something else. This is the story of Sophie, a fledgling alchemist who is continuing in her late grandmother’s footsteps providing alchemical services to the city of Kirchen Bell. Beginning the tale, Sophie is fairly unskilled in her art, but inspired by her admiration of her gran is determined to improve herself so that she may be helpful to the people of the city. The game begins with Sophie discovering a mysterious book (fancy that) in her atelier. Shockingly the book is able to talk, but is also suffering from a horrible case of book-amnesia. Sophie discovers that when she writes alchemy recipes into the book, it begins to recover some of it’s lost memories. We discover that the book’s name is Plachta, and Sophie decides to push forward and expand her alchemy skills so she can help Plachta regain her memories.

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