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The Sixth Axis: "In a lot of games, there’s generally one specific trope that people constantly complain about; the fetch quest. Whether it’s a JRPG, an MMORPG, or any kind of video game in which items are involved, having a character tell you to bring them 10 of a specific item is met with eye rolls and groans. I had known about the Atelier games for a long time, but was always hesitant to buy a game that proudly boasted being almost entirely about collecting, synthesizing and delivering items. After losing entire days to Atelier Sophie, though, I can happily say that I was proved so, so wrong."

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Ashlen1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Nice review, I think you covered the game well. It's a really hard game to describe to people because there really isn't anything else like it. It's rarely what people expect it to be when they first play it

When I first was thinking about buying Rorona which was my first game I kept thinking it would just be a grind fest like other JRPG's that have crafting. But it's nothing at all like that.

The crafting is very complex (yet easy to learn) so you get a really rewarding feeling when you craft a really good item that makes the game's battles easier. And I always enjoy the stories because there mostly just about having fun and helping your friends. It's such a great change to play as nice people doing nice things. And on top of that the game has really unique music that's fun and relaxing to listen too.

Atelier is definitely one of my favorite series.

1792d ago
TheRichterBelmont1792d ago

Excellent Review! This game is looking like a must own. :D