Persona 5's North America box art looks censored, but is it really?

Atlus finally announced the release date for Persona 5’s North American release today which is February 14, 2017. They also showed off two special editions and the game’s North American cover.

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pompombrum1799d ago

For the sake of my sanity, someone please come up with a rational explanation for this? I can understand some censorship in the past but this is a bit much.

raWfodog1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Before I even read the explanation, I already figured it was because of the CERO and ESRB sizes. That was from my very brief stint in graphic design waaaay back in my early adulthood :)

Lightning Mr Bubbles1799d ago

I don't think it's censored, because there's nothing there to censor, I believe what the guy said, that's it's about making the artwork fit.

pompombrum1799d ago

Thank you. I couldn't possibly believe anybody would go that far to censor.

hulk_bash19871799d ago

Yup no need to get riled up over nothing. This isnt censorship at all as explained by the Atlus PR manager. Move along.

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asadachi1799d ago

You would know if you read the article. Why even come here and voice an opinion if you're only going to automatically assume ignorance. The title even leads you to think it might be something other than censorship, ffs.

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PygmelionHunter1799d ago

Oh for God's sa... Is anyone seriously gonna b**** about stuff like this?

There's even an explanation within the article, as if they needed to explain why they made their game cover however they pleased.

Sounds like I'm overreacting? Yes, but that's because we'll eventually read ridiculous comments like "I'm not buying the American version because they censored that girl in the box cover"...

raWfodog1799d ago

Everyone's sensitivities are turned on high these days that I believe many people will automatically assume its censorship without taking a breath first and thinking it through.

garrettbobbyferguson1799d ago

People despise any sort of censorship, which has been happening a lot lately. Also the explanation is weak. If you look at the non american version, the face is still being covered by the rating.

ITPython1799d ago

The feminazis might have made a huge deal about the tiny bit of cleavege, saying how misogynic the game is. So the devs are probably just covering their bases.

TheGamez1001799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Maybe they did that so the rating logo wouldnt cover morganas face? Of course they could just minimize it...hopefully the game itself isnt censored at all

Edit: Atlus tweeted saying what i just said

no_more_heroes1799d ago

"Maybe they did that so the rating logo wouldnt cover morganas face?"

I was literally just about to make that comment. I'm speechless, really.

No, seriously. Some people just REALLY need to get a f***ing grip and stop being idiots...

sangoku_d1799d ago

I'm getting jp version anyway

NotEvenMyFinalForm1799d ago

I wish I knew Japanese I'd import everything.

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The story is too old to be commented.