Why Lead Dev is ruining Sven Coop, a free mod for half life (Last Post) • /r/Steam

Sven Co-op is the first modification of the Half-Life engine before TFC even, it's an amazing cooperative modification of Half-Life 1 primarily played online with other players vs NPC's/puzzles and has been available on Steam for the past 4 months. At one point in history Sniper was it's savior, but in the past decade he has stagnated growth, made fun of other developers and driven them out of the mod with his tyranical death hold on the mod. Recently another developer that worked really hard on the game was forced to leave because of Sniper's bad attitude.

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Fist4achin1791d ago

I kind of get annoyed when I see a half life symbol now bc they are not going to do anything furtherwith the series. It's a shame.