Amazon opens preorders for Persona 5 Standard, SteelBook and "Take Your Heart" Premium Editions

Amazon is not taking preorders for the Persona 5 PlayStation 4 "Take Your Heart" Premium Edition, Persona 5 PlayStation 4 SteelBook Edition, Persona 5 PlayStation 4 Standard Edition and Persona 5 PlayStation 3 Standard Edition

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SilverClock1802d ago

Am I the only one who thinks the steel book doesn't look that good? I think the standard case looks better tbh...

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DemonChicken1802d ago

It's good pretty good value for the the collectors edition - extra $30 for artbook, plush, bag and sampler CD.

Also this needs to be fixed article description to be fixed - "Amazon is not taking pre-orders for the Persona 5 PlayStation 4"


i preodered persona 5 standard! cant wait for it!

DreadfulHero1802d ago

I think the standard PS3 cover is great. However, I do not have a PS3. I am getting the Premium Edition, but I hope the regular version's artwork shows up... somewhere.

Also, I will be almost 35 years old by the time this game releases, and I couldn't be more excited to play a game about a bunch of high schoolers dealing with weird supernatural stuff. The hype, as they say, is real.

Heyxyz1802d ago

Ha Ha, I remember when this game was announced almost four years ago. The time just flew by, I had just graduated from high school when the game was announced. Crazy...

SilverClock1802d ago

Hahaha! Reminds me of the time I was in 3rd grade wondering if I would still be playing Pokemon, and here I am almost 25 and still do. Ash Ketchum is still 10 years old even though I was 7 when Pokemon first came out.

TheColbertinator1802d ago

Preordered the Take your Heart edition. Screw the world and everything in it after February 14,2017

LiViNgLeGaCY1802d ago

Dude, same here. I'm ridiculously excited for this game.

SaveFerris1802d ago

Persona 5 'Take My Wallet' edition more like.