5 Most Annoying Video Game Characters of All Time - IGCritic

Alexx at IGCritic writes "Even in our favorite games there are annoying characters that make us question what the developers were thinking"

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iDadio1798d ago

Pfff Claptrap was genious character design that fit the humour of the game perfectly, loved his birthday party.

ONESHOTV21798d ago

lol clap trap is the best from borderlands 1 & 2 scooter as well

jambola1798d ago

Never found Ashely that annoying, honestly the partner in re5 annoyed me more, at least Ashley just stayed there, never tried to help but end up making things worse.

Also, here is one character i never see on peoples annoying list, and it's a character that honestly annoyed me so much it made me physically ill, remember that little green bug guy from Okami? he'd tlk for a long time and while he was talking he'd just be constantly jumping on your nose? hated that guy

Enigma_20991797d ago

He included Claptrap. I endorse this list.

1797d ago