15 Big E3 2016 Rumours We Really Hope Come True

This year's E3 could be amazing if these games are announced at the show.

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JoeMcCallister1799d ago

can't stand that it's 15 pages but I would definitely welcome another Red Dead, with a remaster of redemption that's also on PC - that'd be my number one. Feel like the Visceral Star Wars project needs to see the light of day just because it's going to hit that status of rumored for far too many E3's sooner than later. I'd welcome a Borderlands 3 but it's really got to do some new things while keeping that soul. Not an easy job for sure but after what I expect are lighter than expected Battleborn sales they'll need their big hitter to deliver.

showtimefolks1798d ago

resident evil 7

forza horizon 3

assassin creed not gonna happen.(why announce it now when it won't be coming till 2017)

Crash(the only way i see crash being at sony's e3 is if MS really show some AAA titles and set the bar high, otherwise
crash will be at playstation event. sony can always show more or less of their exclusives depending on what MS shows. benefit of going on stage last

ps4 neo/scorpio 50/50. all rumors aren't meant to be real no matter what

dead rising 4(DR1 remake) leaked so confirmed

borderlands 3 will be shows at video games awards

prey 2 could be shown but could be left out since arkane studios already have one game releasing in 2016

there will be one new star wars game that EA will show now which one we will see

beyond good and evil will not happen unless MS or sony publishes/fund the game development

skyrim remaster(basically pc version for $60 hooray for full price pc ports that bethesda fanboys will go crazy for. it's amazing how a remaster could get this much hype

rocksteady's new game will also make a trailer debut at video game awards(superman title 99.9%)

the last of us 2 will debut at playstation event

Battletoads 25% yes 75% not gonna happen anytime soon

Kalebninja1798d ago

"beyond good and evil will not happen unless MS or sony publishes/fund the game development "

I don't know if you know this but rumor has it that Nintendo is the one funding the game for NX exclusivity.

showtimefolks1798d ago

that could be it. because i don't think UBI has much interest in it

DrumBeat1798d ago

Please, Naughty Dog, please. At least announce that it's in the making.

Christopher1798d ago

I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't want TLoU revisited at all. Even with my dislike of the game's desire to take control away from me often enough, the story itself was done and I really don't see another way to revisit it without treading over the same concepts.

A prequel? Well, we already know the ending, right?
A sequel? I'm not sure the bond between Joel and Ellie can grow much more than it is now.
A different story? I guess, but would it not use the same enemies and concepts? Is there a way they could tell a different story of hope without making it seem like just a cut and paste of the old game? What logic is there to added weapons? Abilities? Enemies?

I personally hope they move onto a whole new IP.

objdadon1798d ago

Yes you're the only one. What are you scared of? Messing up the story or something? This is naughty dog, they know what they're doing and how to do it. No worries from me.

Christopher1798d ago

To be honest, ND is okay with storytelling but I don't see their overall games as being great. TLoU has a great story, other than that... they're okay or good.

I'm not scared of anything. I just don't want a studio to waste time on an IP when they could work on a new one with more potential and possibilities.

DrumBeat1798d ago

I know how you feel. You don't want a great product tarnished by a flawed successor. The thing is, I have enough confidence in ND as a studio to pull it off.

I believe they can succeed here.

Aenea1797d ago

You know, I've recently started playing TLOU, hadn't before (huge backlog), right after Uncharted 4. They have things in common, the crates you keep finding in U4 for example, but have to say, looking at both games, I kinda wish they made a game which combines more of both!

In TLOU I kinda miss the platformy stuff of U4, and what about the puzzles in U4, like them too. But in TLOU I rather like the planks and ladders thing besides the crates/carts/bins on wheels to reach things. I also love the crafting and how healing works and your character's stats in TLOU.

Some of these things make more sense in their respective stories though, but somehow I would love it if they come up with a setting (TLOU2, U5 or anything really) that makes more combinations of these possible!

Ohh, and please, something with lots of nature too, U4 is so gosh damn beautiful! :)

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1798d ago
IamTylerDurden11798d ago

My personal list, without reading the article.

God of War 4/Norse mythology

The Last of Us 2

Dead Don't Ride

Spider-man PS4 exclusive from SP

Crash Bandicoot PS4 exclusive

Borderlands 3 announcement

Wolfenstein New Order sequel

Visceral Star Wars game

Uncharted 4 sp dlc trailer

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