Top 10 Hopes for Zelda Wii U, NX

Zelda Wii U & NX are nearly ready to be revealed at E3 2016, so here's the Top Ten features we want to see appear in the game! GameXplain touch on boss fights, voice acting, dungeons, adventure, and Jurassic Park?!

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inStereo1796d ago

Uhhhh... why the subliminal flashes of Trump's ugly mug?

fatsodubmo1796d ago

Announcement of a new Metroid or a TRUE 3D Mario or GTFO!

EddieNX 1796d ago

The NX is not being unveiled at e3...

This will be the biggest most impressive e3 yet.

Zeldafan641796d ago

It doesn't matter because the game is still going to be on NX.

Zeldafan641796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

One thing he left out was expanding the upgrade system. Skyward Sword did a pretty good job with its upgrade system but it was rather basic. I want it to be really in depth and for some of the best upgrades to be really hard to get. Say to get the most powerful bow in the game you need to fight a giant spider at the top of a mountain to get its silk but it's nearly impossible to get to the top. This mountain could be like the cave of ordeals in Twilight Princess except you can't heal and you have to fight the hardest enemies in the game that aren't bosses in order to get to the top then you have to fight the spider. It wouldn't be necessary to have the best bow in order to beat the game but it would make it a lot easier.

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