XCOM 2 Is Coming To Consoles This September

After months of putting PC commanders through the wringer, XCOM 2 is finally coming to console. Given that we weren’t sure it was coming at all, we’re calling this one better late than never.

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Shubhendu_Singh1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

This game is soo good. Glad more people will be able to play this now.
Seriously they stretched this only PC thing for long, and seem pretty adamant to a point I thought this day will never come.

So glad it did though. Out on September 6.

poppinslops1793d ago

I was literally just whingeing about it's supposed exclusivity a few hours ago... can't say I'm suprised - the last game (deservedly) ended up on just about every available platform - I just didn't think it'd take them this long to announce console versions.

Best news I've heard all day!

OC_MurphysLaw1793d ago

I believe part of this "no console versions planned PC only" talk was they originally opted not to go console because of the lack of mod support in the previous gen given Xcom 2 is heavily supported with mods. So when Fallout 4 came forward with getting the console makers to support mods I have a feeling that may have set wheels in motion to re-look at doing a console version.

nowitzki20041793d ago

Yeah for me its the best game released this year. This game deserves all the extra sales on consoles.

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freshslicepizza1793d ago

it is awesome, glad more can play it now.

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Herbalistic1793d ago

It makes perfect sense for a console release being as many PS and Xbox gamers enjoyed the original

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TheColbertinator1793d ago

Awesome game. Advent really pissed me off in compared to EXALT.

McToasty2071793d ago

Great timing for the announcement what with the first game recently becoming backwards compatible on Xbox One and being this months Game with Live.

Immorals1793d ago

Probably not coincidence, games with gold games are often used to promote new games

melrex1793d ago

ikr i don't have to hook up my 360 to play it now. you did not say anything wrong but got more down votes. must be you said something good about xbox.

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The story is too old to be commented.