Kingdom Hearts 2.8 trailer will go up on Wednesday, 5 AM PT

"The latest trailer of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will be released tomorrow (Jun 8) ahead of E3 when the embargo on new information lifts. The URL to access the video will be notified on our official Twitter account when the time comes. Please do not miss the trailer as it is packed with new materials!" - Tetsuya Nomura

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Kalebninja1800d ago

Anticipating that release date, hoping its a summer release maybe august but that's got to be wishful thinking.

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-Foxtrot1800d ago

Can't wait for 2.9 with everything on it :)

blest1800d ago

How real is 2.9?? Has it actually been confirmed?

-Foxtrot1800d ago

No but it's Square

Just before KH3 they will release it

More money more money

It will have everything on. I mean why not call this 2.9 then...why 2.8 unless you are saving the final 0.1 spot for the last game before KH3

_-EDMIX-_1799d ago

Not sure why you would even question that lol

Square is very likely going to have some mega collection called 2.9 that is all the KH games similar to the MGS Legacy collection.

I mean....Square sorta has a history with ports so I see no reason to not think that will likely happen

scark921800d ago

I seriously hope you are right!

-Foxtrot1799d ago

I don't want to be arrogant but it makes sense, we know what Square Enix are like.

If KH3 is coming out they will want to cash in on the series one last time. It will have everything on it.

Kingdom Hearts 1.5
Kingdom Hearts 2.5
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance
Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

and so on

ANNNNND maybe, just maybe they will do a super cool collectors edition, they did one for the 1.5 + 2.5 release remember.


mt1800d ago

that is why i refused to pay for the previous ones.. why divide them when they can be put into one disc.

-Foxtrot1799d ago

I was doing a full on playthrough of Kingdom Hearts. Getting EVERYTHING as I go for 100%...then it hit me "You're a moron, the PS4 has just came out and you are playing on a game which will obviously get a PS4 release"

So now I wait.

_-EDMIX-_1799d ago

Because it still cost money and time to remaster those games. They need to FIRST see if folks will even buy those collections to justify the actual work.

Those remaster sales are likely paying for the development of that mega collection. Also why wait? Kingdom Hearts 1.5 released before PS4 was even out. The goal of the business is to make money, not develop and wait for your convenience.

They merely can do both. Start making them before PS4 releases and just re-release them for PS4 once they have enough funding.

They "divide them" to fund that version on "one disc" bud. This way we get them for those who want it now and a version for those who want to wait for the PS4 version. Everyone wins out of this.

scark921799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

In regard your reply to mt.

I am in the exact same boat, I own Kingdom Hearts 1.5 but decided to wait for a PS4 version, I just hope we get it a bit before Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out because I want to play KH3 as soon as it releases!
I do not want to hold off til I beat the collection, I would like to get it out of the way before KH3.

blest1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Ahh man then I can't wait !! Lol

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ninsigma1800d ago

I'm still annoyed they put the first 2 remasters on ps3 only. Should have just waited for ps4 to do it (still release on ps3 as well though).

Omnislashver361800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

From what I hear, the reasoning may have to do with Utada Hikaru not allowing downloadable versions of her song, meaning, they have to be on a physical medium. If this is why, then then songs may be getting remixed(without Utada) for KH2.9 which will have downloadable versions.

And another rumor, is that the person doing the remixing is Skrillex: puke.

If this rumor is true, you can blame Utada for 1.5 and 2.5 not being on PS4, and you can blame Utada for -possibly- introducing Skrillex to KH. Fuck, if 2.9 is remixed with Skrillex, do not buy!

ninsigma1800d ago

Why would that stop it being on ps4??
Heard about Skrillex, that would sicken me to the core if that happens. I will sign every petition available to not let that happen!

DivoJones1800d ago

For real.. it's catching up to Ninja Gaiden Black for number of re-re-releases.

Kalebninja1800d ago

But this comes with a movie and a new short game its not just a remaster.

kevnb1799d ago

whoever thought of calling ports remasters was a genius.

Wallow1800d ago

All these games announcing trailers and news before e3 I don't know if it's because they know e3 will take their hype or their afraid of leaks. Either way I'm avoiding all gaming sites until e3.

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