Electronic Arts Reveal EA Play Details, Titanfall 2 And Battlefield 1 Both Playable At Event

Electronic Arts today revealed its latest details for EA PLAY taking place June 12. The publisher shared details for its upcoming press conference and a list of featured games that will be playable for the first time ever at the show, which includes the first hands-on with both Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.

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crazyaejay1799d ago

Awesome! I wish I can go there.

MetroidFREAK211799d ago

2 of the games I'm most hyped for!

coreyweb1799d ago

gosh, this site is so annoying. Why in the world to they make it so that you have to click the article. And then click "read the full story." That's opening 3 separate windows every time I want to read your dang article. So literally all this site is is a series of indirect links.

Asuka1799d ago

Yeah its called a news "aggregate" site. A singular place to get numerous articles, press releases, reviews for all your gaming/hobbies needs. It is to help those who do not want to search or visit multiple outlets/websites and locate just the articles they are interested in. It isnt too uncommon nowadays for a website like this

2600Thunder1798d ago

I believe you can go direct to an article if you clickity clack the "pop out" icon in the bottom right corner (little box with arrow). One thing though, many N4G users dive into the articles for us to let us know if it's pure click bait or not. Obviously N4G has some problems (no site is perfect) but it is a far cry from sites like IGN, Gamespot, or Kotaku where they shamelessly steal news and fuel fanboy wars - don't get me started on them - so personally I like the efforts here to discourage giving ad money to those unethical websites. If there is a shitty site, the regulars here will go apeshit in the comments and save your thinking energy from tolerating sensationalized, exaggerated, biased, or just plain untruthful articles..

Godmars2901799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

In the time between games not seeing how its going to be possible to improve anything over what Titian fall did before.

Especially with EA being involved.

Fist4achin1799d ago

Looking forward to both of those titles. Some great stuff coming our way!

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