Certain E3 Leaks Really Bum Me Out

There's news this morning regarding Bethesda's E3 conference, with Skyrim remastered and Prey 2 being announced. These types of E3 leaks are really a bummer.

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Shubhendu_Singh1799d ago

The surprise we got from FF7Remake, TLG and Shenmue was unparalleled.

I really do hate leaks but at this point I just can't seem to avoid them unless I shut off my Internet for a week. The revival of Prey2 would had been a massive surprise.

pompombrum1797d ago

FF7 remake was leaked by The Guardian like a day or two before the announcement, only reason people either don't consider it leaked or forgot about it is because they probably didn't take it seriously.

I3loggs241798d ago

I'll be so disappointed if Bethesda does not announce a NEW elder scrolls game...

Oreic1797d ago

Yeah, that's not gonna happen. Fallout 4 hasn't been out for even a year yet.

slate911797d ago

I used to get bummed by reading all the leaks early, but its kind of cool knowing whats going to pan out. Makes me feel like I know about something in life lol.

EazyC1797d ago

Ruins the fun a bit though, it wasn't clear always this bad; there used to be a semblance of surprise to E3

pompombrum1797d ago

There will always be some special announcements to surprise us each year, depending on the validity of the leak, it can add an extra layer of anticipation to the announcement as we wait for official confirmation.. case in point Skyrim, I had no intentions of staying up for Bethesda's conference which starts at 3am for me but with the official announcement looming, I know I definitely can't miss it now. I can see why it would annoy people though but we'll have some announcements no doubt that will surprise us and have something to get hyped for.