What Does Overwatch's Success Mean for the MMO Genre?

...or rather: does it mean anything at all? Launched on May 24, Blizzard's Overwatch saw some 7 million players hit its servers during its first week alone, instantly becoming one of the best selling new IPs and most popular games. The style of the game is what one would call a fast-in and fast-out one, which allows players to jump in and get a huge shot of action almost instantly, being able to leave at a moment's notice. In today's ever accelerating world, this is a very valuable feature indeed, one that may well be counted as a major reason for the popularity of the title. Another factor may be that of seasonality: in the summer, people prefer to spend less time playing and maybe more outside, so Overwatch has indeed landed at just the right time.

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showtimefolks1795d ago

nothing. overwatch was the first new IP from blizzard. overwatch had Blizzard's backing and name behind it

TWB1795d ago

And like... Overwatch is not an MMO? Like, there are a lot of people playing Overwatch, but doesnt "Massive Multi Online" require that there are hundreds of simultaneous players playing on the same server at the same time?

showtimefolks1795d ago

i agree with you. overwatch isn't an MMO but since blizzard are known for their MMO some maybe thinking that overwatch is an MMO

Timesplitter141794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Not only that, but the author also seems to have it backwards:

"It will impact all gaming in general, beginning with MOBAs and going all the way to MMOs someday"

It's not Overwatch that will impact MOBAs. It's MOBAS that have already impacted Overwatch. He also claims Overwatch is a fresh new concept for gaming, but TF2 did the same a decade ago (and it was massively popular, too. Still is)

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Hold_It1794d ago

Overwatch also had Team Fortress 2 to shamelessly rip off of.

Pandamobile1794d ago

You say that like it's a bad thing.

Hold_It1793d ago

It is a bad thing when people are praising a game that shamelessly ripped off of something else a 10/10, or best original concept when it's far from original. It just goes to show that these "reviewers" are hypocrites when it comes down to Online Only games.

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Maxor1795d ago

In other news, what does Uncharted 4 success means for the next Madden? The two genres are completely unrelated.

Eidolon1795d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

They're both shooters, is about it.

Dan_scruggs1795d ago

YEAH. Just like the well known MMO Call of Duty.

Utalkin2me1795d ago

Massive in terms of what?

Eidolon1795d ago

Hype, score, budget, etc.

Helden1794d ago

I down voted sorry for the missclick. Sure I agree with you

ONESHOTV21795d ago

what are these desperate people hoping for overwatch is not an mmo and if they do port and mmo to console it would just be the cut down version who wants to play that. if anyone wants to experience a full featured mmo best you build a cheap rig

exkalibur971794d ago

i guess you havnt played the final fantasy mmo on ps4, looks and plays great for a console mmo

ONESHOTV21794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

why would i drive myself crazy by playing a cut down mmo on consoles ?

remixx1161794d ago

Trust me it's definitely not cut down by any means, ffxiv on ps4 allows you to play with PC players on the same server. It's basically the same game, it just features a different control it and you would know this.

PlatinumGX1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

So now every game is an MMO? Brb, playing an offline single player MMO.

Goldby1794d ago

not before i get on my MMO bike, and MMo down to gamestop, where i'll MMo a new controller to stare at while i play MMOnopoly

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