Nintendo Eagerly Awaits Miyamoto's Next Brain Child

With no heavyweight series titles being announced at this year's E3 (Animal Crossing notwithstanding) Nintendo executives should be praying that Miyamoto has another golden egg tucked away.

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sak5003752d ago

LOL let him bring his hapless cow to the rescue so he can take out few more drops out of its teats.

Sophora3752d ago

I wonder what mundane activity he plans on making a "game" out of next.

theusedfake3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

Wii bird watching on a park bench
Wii dance (seems like something they'd do)

then we can get more ridiculous stage
demonstrations :)

Sanhlami3752d ago

a game of a game of a person playing a game

mfwahwah3751d ago

Wii Wii

"You can now play a virtual Wii on your real Wii!"

TheColbertinator3752d ago

Wii Pray.Hahahah

I'd wager on Wii Shoot.An FPS for the Wii,if Miyamoto takes up hunting or Marksmanship

wii5623752d ago

dude i think d*ck chaney should be in charge of wii shoot

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The story is too old to be commented.