Nostalrius - Blizzard Meeting Goes Well

A couple of months ago, the closing of the last WOW vanilla server called Nostalrius, made huge waves across the community. The upheaval led to petitions and various protests on the part of players, some of which were in fact so significant that they caught Blizzard's attention. As a result of that, the WOW devs decided to invite the team behind Nostalrius for talks, possibly considering the setting up of official vanilla servers using the experience they had piled up over the years.

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Satyre281795d ago

I never understood this topic tbh. Yes Vanilla WOW was the best obviously, but do you guys realize what you are trying to get? The number one reason why people leave WOW is due to repetitiveness, a server that will be based on Vanilla WOW that wont get updates, wont get new content, or anything different? You seriously want that? Give it 2 months and the server will be completely dead once it comes down to doing the raids every week over and over again just like usual.

SamPao1795d ago

Well I dunno but havent there been thousands of people playing on this sever for years?

Satyre281795d ago

Was free since it was a private server.

1795d ago
Kreisen1795d ago

Dude, nobody is leaving WoW due to the grind. Every modern online game is one big soulless grind, look around you.
Heres the thing though, i do disagree with peoples stance on Vanilla servers becouse i played Vanilla and its a horrible experience. So horrible in fact that most will never even get to 60, and the few that will stick around will a be pathetic number. And Blizz knows this as well, its why instead of downright confirming they will do vanilla servers they mentioned the idea of a "pristine server".