Beware the Hook Man: The Lost Version of Resident Evil 4 That Almost Was

Resident Evil 4 is a genuine video gaming classic. But a revolutionary version of the game was also planned, but never came to be.

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vork771797d ago

I wish this was released

PaleMoonDeath1797d ago

The Resident Evil we now need.

Naughty_Cloud1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

As much as I like RE4. I think I would've preferred the unreleased version.

xMANB3ARP1G1797d ago

i cant help but feel if we got this over what was 4 it wouldnt of gone so main stream and would stillatleast somewhat resemble Resident Evil still as opposed to what 5 and the shit job knopwn as 6 are. its sad the real RE exsperience i understand is now in a spin off named revelations but i have yet to play either as my backlog has gotten carried away.

Hold_It1797d ago

The game looked amazing. The closest thing you'll get to playing that is The Evil Within.

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