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Most people who know me are aware of the fact that the original Mirror's Edge is my dream game. And I don't mean that in a nebulous "dreamy" sense, I mean I literally had a lucid dream as a child about a first-person free-running video game, and roughly 10 years later, that game was created by DICE.

The sequel, Catalyst, is let down by over-engineering and very "sequel" things a bit, but the move to an open world pays off in a far bigger way than I could have imagined.

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Zorkaz1799d ago

Well everyone agrees that the story is not great, so there does seem to be consistency in the reviews there. But if not, this is looking great! Honestly, although the setting for the story had great potential, and so it's a shame they failed at it, the freerunning is the essence of the game, and as long as they got that right and gave us a MASSIVE playground to do it in, I'm happy.

blackblades1798d ago

Every game has potential, the problem is the people that develops them. If EA or anyone else made uncharted then it wouldn't be the uncharted as we know it.