Would you use Facebook to log into your Blizzard games?

Your Blizzard games and Facebook to merge - but do gamers want it to?

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SonZeRo1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

No, Just like i don't link my twitter to my WoW. I like to keep my addictions off Social Media.

iTechHeads1796d ago

You don't have to post anything on social media.
It would just be an easier way to log in to games. Mobile games do this already.

I guess this would really only be for those new to Blizzard games, to get you into the game faster and not require you to create an account.

Nodoze1796d ago

F that noise. Do not and never have had a FB account. FB is for tools.

Sillicur1796d ago

I wouldn't. Don't want my friends to see my gaming habits tbh.

iTechHeads1796d ago

They wouldn't have to. The days of games spamming Facebook with game posts like asking for lives and whatnot are over. These days if you don't want games to post to social media, they don't.

Goldeneye0071796d ago

Hell no! I've never have, nor will I ever use FaceBook, or any other "social media" accounts, for that matter. Most of those things are privacy invasions.

Goldby1796d ago

just a heads up, N4G is a social media site tailored to gamers

Goldeneye0071795d ago

Nobody likes a smart ass... just a heads up.

Goldby1795d ago

or hypocrite ;)

it was an honest heads up, not a smart ass remark.. some people just view facebook and pintrest and stuff like that as social media sites, but anywhere you can communicate with others is a social media site