Sony Bend's Dead Don't Ride Is An Open World Game, Won't Release This Year - Rumor

A well known insider has revealed some details on a yet to be revealed Sony Bend's project named Dead Don't Ride

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Shubhendu_Singh1803d ago

I thought we knew it was an open world with a horror themed setting ?

Anyway, ofcourse it won't release this year. Were we expecting a totally new IP reveal this E3 and release just 4-5 months after it ? pshhh....Has that ever happened more than one or two times in the history ?

-Foxtrot1803d ago

"Were we expecting a totally new IP reveal this E3 and release just 4-5 months after it"

Well...obviously it won't happen to this game but this is what should start to happen. It should be a new rule put in place within the industry. You can't announce a game until you are going to release it either within a year. Sure we would go through a huge drought of gaming announcements but it would pick up again and for the better

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StormLegend1803d ago

No that's stupid! I would rather know about the game now instead of later

Sharky2311803d ago

I'm fine waiting for a quality game. The only thing I can't stand is all the 3rd party AAA games being shown on a high end computer! Then we get watch dogs!

ChronoJoe1803d ago

Devs don't owe you anything, let alone the schedule for their announcement. If they want to announce it 5 years early then beta test for 3 years that's their right to do so, the idea of a 'rule' dictating sub 12 month announcements is ridiculous. Overwatch was in beta/alpha for almost a year alone.

Honestly, you want that rule because you sit on N4G far too long, waiting for games to release. Stop waiting and go enjoy what you already have and I promise you the games you're anticipating will be here far sooner than you'd expect.

notachance1803d ago

that would be a marketing nightmare tho, building hype is an important part for marketing a product after all..

it can work if the IP is an established ones like Fallout 4 for example, but new IP needs more marketing time

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Jburr941803d ago

Stupid title, always adding some negative connotation for clicks. Wasn't necessary at all, of course it's not releasing this year when there hasn't been an announcement

OB1Biker1803d ago

Yea that just brings the trolls talking about delay...about a game that has nt even been announced yet..

Germany71803d ago

Exactly, the state of gaming journalism is pathetic.

lastking951803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

How is that a negative? I don't understand you people sometimes. I get there has been a lot of click bait titles but a title telling you the genre/setting and release window isn't trolling. There's been so many trolling titles that you guys can no longer tell the difference lol.

Inzo1803d ago

Its not stupid, what the title is saying is that a game that hasn't been revealed yet has been delayed.....oh wait.....yip, that is stupid.

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hells_supernova1803d ago

Yes fallout 4 however a new ip doesn't have the same pull as a fallout. Also I hope they don't release this in the same year as red dead 3. Although they do sound different enough.

Really getting excited about e3 now.

Aloy-Boyfriend1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Not sute why people keep mentioning Fallout 4. Game looked outdated as F. It was nothing to brag about for Bethesda.

I'd wait for a more worthwhile example; A game that looks and plays current gen not a buggy stripped down predecessor. At least the game has a big and loving fanbase behind, maybe that is why they didn't mind that

KingofGambling1802d ago

Well, Sony's E3 2014 they announced Little Big Planet 3 and then released it that same year.

Kratos0Ace1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I think also Bloodborne and Tearaway Unfolded also released within one year of their reveal.

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Iberius1803d ago

At least this one wasn't announced two years ago and pushed back. Sorry I am feeling a little annoyed by all the recent delays of the games I really want to play.........Mass Effect: Andromeda, Persona 5, Horizon: Zero Dawn.

But thinking back on it I suppose there is still FFXV and The Last Guardian.

jb2271803d ago

I understand your annoyed feeling for sure...the good thing now though is that the frequency of games are starting to catch up & like you pointed out, as games we are looking forward to are delayed, other games we were previously looking forward to are finally ready to release. Basically just shifts everything I guess. Either way I'm sure there will be plenty to play.

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littlezizu1803d ago

Shinobi (videogame insider) has been Hyping this game. Can't wait. This is Sony Bend's time to became big time AAA dev. From their previous titles which were all critically acclaimed they will most certainly deliver.

ShadowKnight1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I'm looking forward to this game. I also want Sucker Punch to announce a Spiderman game. Sony is definitely delivering when it comes to exclusive titles.

Jburr941803d ago

As much as I'd want that, that's kinda daring having a Spiderman game only for PS4

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