PS4 Exclusive Yakuza 6: Watch the Ladies who Will Play the Hostesses in Action

Like with every main line chapter of the Yakuza series, Sega hosted a contest among a number of ladies to choose five that will play the role of the hostesses in the upcoming PS4 exclusive Yakuza 6.

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Articuno761798d ago

One day, I'll actually play these hostess mini-games... when they aren't so exorbitantly expensive that buying armour, guns, swords and all the other things I can get to turn Kiryuu into a fighting god isn't a better use of pretend money.

R6ex1798d ago

No. 5 and a few others are so "kawaii"! Hyped!

ONESHOTV21798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

this is what i do when i get my hand a yakuza game
1 play through for story
2 playthrough to get the trophies
3 playthrough store my money
4 play through use all the money i have stored in the host clubs

that's over 100+hrs each game (edit)lol the girl in the white dress singing also the one that got on the floor is she not embarrassed. that girl in the (#14)black skirt was fire nice face i hope she is in game # 2 looked like she was ready to kill