GTA Online: Price List Of New Super Cars And Vehicles From Finance And Felony DLC

GTA Online has received a new DLC expansion 'Finance and Felony' which is now available for download on the PS4 and Xbox One.

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Kaneki-Ken1800d ago

I waisted half a million on the new cloth, damn and now I am broke again.


you must have invested them in the cars and ammunations becuse gta is all about them and they are superb in the game!

1800d ago

this would really help me to buy my new cars out their in the game! i love the supercars in the gta series games

Twinblade1800d ago

I think GTA Online is a bust, no idea why they keep wasting time on it.

FlameBaitGod1800d ago

Because they keep making a lot of money on it ? You think they keep releasing content to lose money ?


everything here is all about money! and gta will always go for it.

Twinblade1799d ago

You don't think they would make a ton of money if they actually release dlc for single player like expansion packs?

TheSaint1800d ago

So you don't understand why someone might enjoy something you don't? Seriously?