Game review: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst offers first person parkour | Metro

The makers of Battlefield return to their cult classic first person platformer, but is this prequel any more than just a good idea?

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Zorkaz1795d ago

I had heard the leveling wasn't great, but I think that applies more to the freerunning than the actual combat. Shame about the story too, but I'm still hopeful it won't be terrible. The ragdoll physics are quite bad, though I see what they were aiming for and it's not easy. The effects are hilarious though. And graphics wise, I think it's on Xbox One that it flops. From what I've seen it looks stunning on pc ....

andrewsquall1795d ago

Lol nice headline there. Really, I didn't know that, definitely not even from the E3 2013 reveal trailer either.