Watch Dogs 2 Release Date & Setting Leaked

Watch Dogs 2 has had its release date and setting leaked by a banner posted early on IGN. The game will release on November 15th. The game will feature a new character and will be set in San Francisco.

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ThePope2957d ago

Its funny I loved going into others games and hacking them and trying to stay hidden. When the clock reached zero I was so pumped. It never got old. Because sometimes you were in a crowded pavilion and others you were chasing the guy down on a motorcycle.

Yobo52957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

Online still works, dosen't even need Ps plus(for 1v1 hacking). super good times. Just wish other modes had reliable servers, it was like they cheaped out on other modes.

TeamLeaptrade2956d ago

Ah, that sounds like a fun time. Wish I played Watchdogs online. I only briefly played the main game, so I never touched the online mode. Might have to check it out sometime before WD2 comes out.

ThePope2956d ago

It was a lot of fun. Though I hate to say you might be hard pressed to find someone online still.

opinionated2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

We need more San Francisco games. I can't wait to digitally terrorize those hipster clowns. It certainly explains that leaked goober protagonist.

Pandamobile2957d ago

Take it down a notch, edgelord.

opinionated2957d ago

^ resident lol. Don't worry, it's a game. Let's take it up a notch and let the monkey out. I hope protesters litter the streets.

Germany72957d ago

He is right about San Francisco, it's a place full of hipsters.

Dee_912956d ago

I'll never understand why you hipsters get off so much on self hate. Do you think a normal, non-hipster person has that much resentment towards hipsters?

annoyedgamer2957d ago

Isnt the new character a stereotypical hipster Asian from California? I prefer Aiden.

Yi-Long2956d ago

You wanted yet another token bland white male with brown hair!?

opinionated2956d ago

Another able-bodied cis white male devil? Really bro...

Honestly I'd take anyone over a hipster. It's San Fran so an Asian makes sense but why a goofy looking hipster? Give me the generic brand corn flakes all day.

iiorestesii2956d ago

Please. Aiden was raised hipster

Movefasta19932957d ago

I wonder if it will look as good as the e3 footage this time.

persona4chie2957d ago

Hahahahahahahahaha. Well maybe if the build they show isn't from a high end PC

showtimefolks2957d ago

lol nah they will show the game running on a high end pc with either a ps4/xbox one controller being used to play

when it comes out reviewers won't have the guts to call out ubi since you know ADVERTISEMENT DOLLARS

starchild2957d ago

As long as it ends up playing well and looking good I honestly don't really give a crap.

mogwaii2957d ago

Dont give a crap about what?

Chivas112956d ago

Yup, this game will be added to the long list of downgraded games from Ubisoft

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Aloy-Boyfriend2957d ago (Edited 2957d ago )

2 years dev cycle? I Doubt it is coming this year unless they are reusing assest from the first

GTgamer2957d ago

Have you seen the size of Ubisoft devs teams not to mention the knew the game was gonba be a franchise from the beginning it's safe assume it coming out this year

showtimefolks2957d ago

size of UBI has nothing to do with anything. there is a big reason game quality on UBI games have gone down. instead of one team developing a game with one vision, ubi has 6 teams all doing some aspect of one game

2 years isn't enough to develop a fully open world game IMO

but please carry on defend ubi and buy into the hype

2957d ago
starchild2957d ago


I, and many others, enjoyed Watch Dogs. Is that ok? Or do we need to all step in line with the hipster herd? I mean, I know it's the cool thing to do nowadays to hate on Ubisoft and act like everything they create is pure crap, but, sorry, from my perspective the reality is often quite different.

Watch Dogs was a near-launch game and it still turned out pretty good, imo. This one could turn out even better, or it may turn out worse, we just have to wait and see.

Pandamobile2957d ago

Of course they're reusing assets from the first. It's a common industry practice to reuse what you can from old games.

2 years to develop a sequel is plenty of time in most cases. All the hard stuff was done in the 4 years it took to make the first Watch Dogs.

boing12956d ago (Edited 2956d ago )

I'm quite sure they will also throw in some of The Division assets in there too.

Nitrowolf22957d ago

your talking about the company that annualized assassin creed and far cry, so of course they are going to reuse assets.

starchild2957d ago

Yeah, but like he said, all devs reuse assets, whether we notice it visually or not. It would be stupid not to.

Developing a new IP is far harder than making a sequel. Two years is enough. We'll probably see another Naughty Dog game within two years, for example.

GTgamer2956d ago