GC08: The Gamersyde Awards

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We've been back from Leipzig for a week now and we've pretty much shown you everything we had in store for you guys – except for a couple of upcoming videos that is. As a conclusion to all this media frenzy, wouldn't it be more than appropriate to offer what you could call the inevitable Gamersyde Awards ceremony.

Before we start however, let me remind you all how difficult it is to truly judge games on the show floor of a game convention. We don't have much time to test them, the playing conditions are far from being the best so let's keep in mind that this selection of games is composed of the games we liked or those we didn't but we'll only mention the games we actually saw. You may disagree but it's no reason to wage war.

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TheColbertinator3698d ago

Good choices.Best platformer is LBP and best RPG is Fable 2.AHHH! They are sooo close.