State of Decay 2 Will Be An Online Zombie Game


A few moments ago we reported that Microsoft will be publishing Dead Rising 4 exclusively for its platforms (possibly for both the Xbox One and Windows 10) and how players can expect a lot of zombie games at its press conference. It seems that Microsoft will possibly have more zombie games to show off in the form of State of Decay 2.

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TwoForce1800d ago

Wait, what ? I remembered that you can still play State of Decay online and offline. But this sequel, it's online only. Am i read that right or something ?

Golden_Mud1800d ago

Class 4 was always an online zombie mmo, Class 3 is State of Decay, they wanted to taste the grounds with State of Decay though.

TheHaydenator1800d ago

no, state of decay was offline only. Class 4 which is SoD2 was always envisioned to be online.

poppinslops1800d ago

MMO or no, this type of game would be perfect for some of that sweet, sweet cloud-based destruction - obviously not to the degree that Crackdown's touting, but enough to burn down and blow up buildings, cars and such... I'd also like to see Azure used for massive hordes of zombies, comprised of AI similar to Titanfall's 'grunts' - yeah, Spectres aren't the brightest sparks, but they're a hell of a lot smarter than the average zombie, so I can't see why that wouldn't be do-able.

Dedicated servers, persistant item-tracking, wild weather systems, trees that sway in the breeze... Microsoft owns Undead Labs - if they're making an always-online game, it would be remiss of them not to go all-out a suite of cloud-based features.

Same goes for Rare and 'Sea of Thieves'... I fully expect that game to use the Azure servers in some capacity - servers geared for large player-counts would be my guess.

TheCommentator1800d ago

Azure dreams become virtual realities. Big plans from MS, and all will be revealed soon at E3.

WellyUK1800d ago

Looking forward to this one, in a world of failed survival zombie games this one could be the one to do it right with MS behind them.