Report: Mass Effect Andromeda At E3 2016 Will Have A Fallout 4 Style Of Reveal

Gamers will no doubt remember the Fallout 4 blowout Bethesda put on display last year, and for those who are interested in Mass Effect Andromeda, its reveal will apparently be in the same vein.


UPDATE: Since this post, Shinobi has since added further color to his comments regarding Mass Effect Andromeda's reveal at E3 2016.

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Golden_Mud1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

A long 20 minutes of revealing stuff ? (That's how Fallout 4 reveal was) I don't believe so with how much content will have to be presented at EA's conference. (I don't believe the person who told Shinobi that and not Shinobi himself).

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Shubhendu_Singh1803d ago

EA's conference generally are the most boring aspect of E3, but damn this year I will probably scratch my eyes out in anticipation of all these games/reveals.

Battlefield 1 full gameplay coverage
Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay full coverage
Titanfall 2 gameplay coverage
Frostbite engine for FIFA17
A new AAA Starwars game ??
and possibly a new indie title from Hazelight Studios.

or by Fallout4 reveal style they mean they will announce the release date under 2016 ? because that would be quote a shock. I am actually expecting Q12017 but sooner the better. ^^

andrewsquall1803d ago

Mass Effect is the only thing I think will be good. Not mind blowing or anything. Everything else you listed is the same EA meh of this gen. :/

Kingthrash3601803d ago

I think bf will be good...along with Mass....titan fall will be overshadowed by bf I think...people are bored of future shooter.....imo at least.

Shubhendu_Singh1803d ago

I guess the new Amy Henning's StarWars game, if only just teased has the potential to push my hype to the next gear.
SW1313, just not in name.

deafdani1803d ago

Stig Asmussen (God of War 3) and Amy Hennig (Uncharted 1-3) are working on new Star Wars games for EA. I'm curious as hell about what they will be. Apparently they aren't first person shooters. So I'm looking forward to that, maybe we'll see something from them at E3? I hope so.

The 10th Rider1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Don't forget Criterion's new game. My guess is they will show Visceral's Star Wars game.

joab7771803d ago

EA could be one of the best this yr if they drop all the irrelevant shot that isn't coming for 3 yrs. They have enough great things to show. Take a note, and just show us what we wanna see, even if it's a short conference.

-Foxtrot1803d ago

You'll get a cool bunch of stuff....then the EA Sports crap will begin and ruin everythijg

EA Sports shouldn't really get big reveals...they are things to show before E3

starchild1803d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty hyped. Mass Effect Andromeda is one of my very most anticipated games and Battlefield 1 is also a game I'm very excited about. I never really played Titanfall so I don't know exactly what to think about a sequel, but it could be cool.

And I've been super interested in the Star Wars game being made by Visceral. A single player Star Wars game made by the people who made the Dead Space series (one of my favorite), and being made under the direction of Amy Hennig of Uncharted 2 fame and Jade Raymond, how can I not be excited for that?

Plus, as a technology enthusiast I just love games made with the Frostbite 3 engine, which I consider to be probably the most advanced and most impressive game engine currently being used.

EA looks to have a very exciting conference lined out.

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Iberius1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

I hope this is true. I wish every game did a Fallout 4 type reveal instead of announcing new release dates multiple times.

AngelicIceDiamond1803d ago

Travel from planet to planet scavenging things, discovering new, weapons, armor, species and possible finding new allies. Maybe even set up bases with Co op? I'm in, I'm definitely in can't wait for the reveal.

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