Report - Mass Effect Andromeda Is The Spiritual Successor To Mass Effect 1

Gamers still haven't had the chance to see what the new Mass Effect will be like, but if you liked the first game then odds are you will like Mass Effect Andromeda.

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Paytaa1804d ago

This is why I'm really excited for Andromeda. Mass Effect 1 is still my favorite in the series.

medman1803d ago

ME1 had the best story for sure, but ME2 and ME3 tightened the gunplay and biotics (Vanguard to the death) mechanics considerably.

Movefasta19931803d ago

ME3 had the best gun play , 2 had the best characters side quests, 1 had Saren and the best exploration and the legendary elevators wait time.

Paytaa1803d ago

Yeah for sure. Mass Effect 3 gunplay was smooth as hell and using biotics felt natural unlike ME1 where using Warp for example would result in a framerate looking like a screenshot slideshow.

Also, I'm a Sentinel till death lol

Armaggedon1804d ago

Mass Effect 2s atmosphere I found was spectacular. If they could somehow find the midway between Mass Effect 1 and 2, that would be great.

RuleNumber51804d ago

Loved Mass Effect 2, easily my favorite game of the series.

DeadlyFire1803d ago

Sticky bomb nades? Loved those

1803d ago
LeoDDestroyer1803d ago

If this is more like one then count me in. Mass Effect 2 always felt like a completely separate game from the trilogy which is why it is my least favorite in the series.

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