The DooMed mind of a school shooter

So I have stumbled across something very interesting. Warped, dark and morally questionable. But interesting. Like many others lately I have been really getting into the DooM reboot as of late, which may I add is a fantastic single player FPS which was sorely needed in today's climate of multiplayer shooters.

But I needed some down time and went back to the old classics. I was so young when they came out (around 4 or 5 years old) and was no where near the internet at the time. However all these years later I have found out that the level creation scene for classic games was huge! Learning of this new knowledge I started looking though many player made levels and the creativity blew me away. Then.... Then I stumbled across this video. This level was created by one of the shooters involved in the Columbine shooting in 1999.

Playable levels created a spree shooter. It doesnt surprise me that a teen gamer was interested in this activity but it made me wander, I wander how many more levels for different games could be floating around online and mods for games I could have played that originated from possible killers and criminals.

It certainly makes you think...

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