Forbes - 'Mirror's Edge Catalyst': Beautiful, Challenging And Totally Worth It

Forbes - The story is wonderful as we uncover more about Faith and the world she lives in. Mirror’s Edge Catatlyst‘s cinematics are absolutely beautiful, well acted and the art direction and photography are dramatically better than many films I’ve seen in genre. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a unique experience and one you should not pass up. Take the time to get good at this game, even great, because this game is worth your investment in time and it might be one of the most replayable games all year. I give Mirror’s Edge Catalyst a 9/10.

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kraenk121796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Sadly other reviews and articles by Forbes lately don't arise confidence that this review is legit.

Salooh1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Most games that change to open world style have the negative of repetitive things and such. But i always enjoy them because i know that they are focusing on other things. Developers know this issue but they are hoping that people will recognise the effort on changing style which take a lot of work to get it right. So if you are realistic you will appreciate it and just get excited that you will be able to play mirror's edge in an open world environment which is truly the next step for such a game.

This is first one so i am giving it a pass just like how i gave it to MGSV, Batman..etc

I have a feeling that it is a solid 8 unless it's challenging than for me it will be 8.5+. You see, i loved the first mirror's edge. It was above 9 for me. But IGN for example gave it 7.4. So why should i trust these reviews?..

I already see the comments saying it's underrated in a short period lol. I am just glad that i will have the chance to play mirror's edge again because it was a long wait since i asked for it.