Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Low Pre-Orders Is A Sign That The Series Is Dying

"It’s very easy to accuse Call of Duty for an awful lot of things – boring, repetitive, but you can’t call it unsuccessful with a straight face, because with the release of the latest game, Black Ops 3, the series alone has sold more than 140 million copies worldwide which is an undeniably successful feat for any company to have achieved."

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Walter_Official1799d ago

I doubt its the end and i wouldn't want it to be. Personally no game has intrigued me since World at War but thats probably because i love historical games, so im just hoping they are done with the future releases after Infinite Warfare.

annoyedgamer1799d ago

Hopefully it forces Activision so release the remaster separately.

NO separate release = NO SALE.

Germany71799d ago

It's too soon to say something like that, Call of Duty still sells pretty well, only GTA V could beat recently.

Btw, i don't play a game of the series since Black Ops 2, so i really don't know what's going on with the quality of the game recently.

Intentions1799d ago

People are just comparing the pre order numbers around this time from black ops 3 and the new CoD - Infinite Warfare. Hence all these articles are popping up.

Goldby1798d ago

nothings changed, litteraly they are using the same engine ;)

crazychris41241799d ago

If the E3 gameplay sucks then there is a good chance this game will not top 15 million sold which is horrible for the franchise.

Sunny_D1798d ago

Once they put up a commercial showcasing the remaster, you can bet your ass people will line up to buy it.

Kaneki-Ken1798d ago

The series is not dying rather Infinity Ward is the one that are dying ever since original creator, half of the original crew left, Infinity Ward have become an empty shell.

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The story is too old to be commented.