The 15 rarest and most valuable PS3 games

The PlayStation 3 wasn’t the most popular console of its generation, particularly in North America, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t produce some valuable gems. Collector’s Editions in particular are sought-after now, and if you’ve got one of the titles on this list, it might be time to get paid.

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ptownjbo1803d ago

I will not click through that.

himdeel1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Damn that site is horrible. Felt like I had opened someone elses overstuffed suitcase, shit all over the place I dont want or need to see.

opinionated1802d ago

Why do sites do that? It's not because it's good design. What is the actual purpose of making you click 100 times? Do they get paid per click or what?

FlameBaitGod1802d ago

Yeah when ever I see sites like these I don't even bother, they just end up hurting them self's even more.

freshslicepizza1802d ago

i already own hot shots but they dont have any value listed. the rest were always hard to get and some of them i have never seen for sale before. i have demons souls as well but not the collectors edition.

deafdani1802d ago

"The PlayStation 3 wasn’t the most popular console of its generation, particularly in North America".

Lolwut? It outsold the 360 everywhere else in the world since it launched, and ended up surpassing it in worldwide sales despite releasing a year later.

It's true that it wasn't the most popular console, because the Wii sold more... but that statement implies it didn't sold well or anything.


esmittystud1011802d ago

The only thing when it comes to PS3 thats rare for me.........B.C. on PS4 or PS4 Neo. Now thats rare.

Goldby1802d ago

of course theres the one guy who always brings up BC. if you want that soo bad, go buy a ps3.

i dont know about you, but i didnt buy this gen console for last gen games.

esmittystud1011802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I would buy if they wasn't almost the same price as a Xbox One first and foremost.

Why does players not want great features for there bare consoles? B.C. on X1 is a great feature. X1 B.C. owned E3 last year on top of that. PS Now is sh*t. Streaming games just sounds like a bad plan for the players in the long run, especially the ones that cry about having to have subscriptions to services, always online connections. It would be a little different if they offered atleast a digital download for there PS3 games on PS4. But thats too advanced for the console. They can do that for PS2 games......but not PS3?

When players don't even want great features added to there bare console....................... .....

I'm gonna get PS4 Neo regardless. Even though I think VR is a virus.

ShaunCameron1802d ago

@ esmittystud101

And you just said it yourself.

You want the feature, but unwilling to pay more upfront for it.

deafdani1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

It's not technically possible without ramping up the price of the console significantly. The difference in architecture between PS3 and PS4 means that the PS4 basically would need to have PS3 innards inside it to allow for backwards compatibility. That extra chip would make the console much more expensive.

Xbox One can emulate 360 games because the architecture is much more similar.

X1 didn't "own" E3 last year only because of backwards compatibility. Yes, it's a nice feature to have, but it's not a deal breaker for anyone. Like it or not, the vast majority of people buy new gen consoles to play new gen games.

Also, don't forget about Wii U... it had full backwards compatibility with all Wii games since day one, yet it didn't help it get any more sales, did it?

Again: backwards compatibility is a bonus, not a must.

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