VE3D: Crysis Warhead Hands-On

VE3D: "Yesterday at PAX we got to play a new level of Crysis Warhead, the soon-to-be released stand-alone expansion from Crytek and EA. Overall, it looked much better than it did at E3.

The level they were showing off was set in a flash frozen jungle. The North Koreans were locked in battle with the aliens. As long as you didn't get too close, they would leave you alone, but your objective was to chase down someone in an alien hovercraft race. One of the cool new things I saw was that Crytek added in neat little physic effects like avalanches. One actually crashed down on us during the hovercraft chase scenario. Another thing I noticed is that the game was running much, much, smoother.

The EA guy showing off Warhead was saying that the demo was being played on a $600 PC. All the settings were 'default high' and it was using DX9 effects in XP. The frame rates, according to him, averaged over 30 per second and he seemed proud of how much Crytek had optimized the game engine."

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