Insider: Expect new hardware at Xbox E3 presser, Rare working on brand-new IP

Not only are there official news announcements, but leaks and rumors tend to fly around like debris in a tornado.

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Paytaa2913d ago

I want Perfect Dark to come back as a third person stealth espionage game like Splinter Cell or MGS. Love the universe, but Halo has the FPS portfolio on lock down for Xbox.

Sciurus_vulgaris2913d ago

I want Perfect Dark to stick to it's FPS roots, but add in optional stealth and some rpg like elements. Customization could allow the player to approach missions in different manners, shot the place up, hack your way around, or sneak in and out without ever being noticed.

Paytaa2913d ago

I'd be down for that as well. Maybe add some Dishonored elements? Now I'm getting excited at the thought.

Sciurus_vulgaris2913d ago

@Was thinking Joanna could acquire upgrades, by finding them in mission or acquiring them from the Carrington Institute . Certain upgrades would be irreversible, while others would be reversible.
I was thinking cybernetics and alien technology could be a big part of the game and your character could only handle a certain amount of modification to their body . This would force the player to choice what upgrades they want depending on their play style .

sammarshall1022913d ago

Third person sounds better for a Perfect Dark reboot it could be like a futuristic stealth game with Rise of the Tomb Raider type of visuals

Sciurus_vulgaris2913d ago

Sorta of, except with better combat and rpg elements more comparable to what the Bioshock series offers.

game4funz2912d ago

I would actually like them to maintain the previous games strategy of every difficulty having more objectives as it gets harder

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gangsta_red2913d ago

I've always said that a new Perfect Dark should go the third person route that would focus on more stealth or James Bond type of action. The story and lore for PD is awesome too and can really be expanded on.

There's too many FPS games out there and MS should try and switch it up for this series. Maybe keep the FPS gameplay for the MP.

Sciurus_vulgaris2913d ago

Having a first person mp and third person single player would likely cause strong dichotomy between the two modes. I was thinking a new perfect dark should be first person, but third person when using stealth and cover. I can however see where going full third person would have advantages.

Also I don't think the market has too many first person shooters. The issue is lack of originality in shooters. For example the new doom had singleplayer that was old school and well received. However, the mp of Doom received mixed and very negative reception due to it poorly blending old school features with modern cliches (loadouts, perks and no weapons on map),

bleedsoe9mm2913d ago

ms should take the assets from that shanghai heist game black tusk was working on and add them to do perfect dark reboot

coolbeans2913d ago

This. Everything about this is something I've wanted to see for a long time. Incorporating Splinter Cell Chaos Theory's stealth mechanics in a PD game would be grand.

otherZinc2912d ago (Edited 2912d ago )

I want Perfect Dark Zero 2, exactly the way it is. The Campaign Co-op was amazing. Halo does have the FPS on lock, however, a very good 2nd FPS is a good thing.

I'd like Kameo 2, Brute Force 2, & a new Forza Motorsport 6 Track.

A 2 TB XBOX ONE Slim is the new console. There's no need for a new XBOX.

Paytaa2912d ago

I remember tweeting to Phil Spencer about Brute Force and he said it's unlikely it'll ever be revisited .

Always wanted a sequel and still do. I mean it sold well, even faster than Halo CE did at one point. Sucks Digital Anvil closed down though.

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Rookie_Monster2913d ago

MS will have the best E3 ever! The new Rare game is a totally new IP and is a genre that adds a welcome diversity for XBOX. Stay tune and oh, Scorpio will surprise many. ;)

gangsta_red2913d ago

I wanna say Battletoads but the article says new IP so all I can say is WHERE IS BATTLETOADS? (And Perfect Dark for that matter)

Very interested to see what else Rare has up their sleeves. Sea of Thieves is cool but I'm not really into Pirates so hopefully they have something else that will get me excited.

Been hearing a lot more inside info on Scorpio myself Rookie and it does sound very, very interesting. No doubt that MS will be treating it as a brand new console.

oSHINSAo2913d ago

Maybe, we are going to see a very advance Sea Of Thieves, the New IP, and a Battletoads remake, at the end, its a side scroller game and i want to stay as is,

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andresegr2913d ago

The Best E3 Conference in Xbox History, with the best seats in E3s Conference History, showing The Best Line-up in Xbox History......with the Best XXXXXXXX in Xbox History.

Who are you? Phil Spencer?

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ScorpiusX2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

Sweet ,awesome can't wait (STH)

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ShadowKnight2913d ago (Edited 2913d ago )

The best news I've heard from Microsoft. A new IP from their first party studios! :)

_-EDMIX-_2913d ago

Agreed. Is pretty "Rare" that they do lol

Pogmathoin2913d ago

Perfectly Dark wit there Edmix....

freshslicepizza2913d ago

it is indeed pretty 'rare'. thats why i was bummed they created black tusk for a new game then decided to take the safe bet and make a new gears of war game.

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Lenrulesdaworld2913d ago

Like I get the 1st party thing but QB, scalebound and recore are 1st party ip's, just developed by 3rd