E3 2016 Predictions - EA

The final article in Player 2's E3 2016 predictions series looks at EA and what they will have at this year's show.

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Footyspacecadet1795d ago

I hope EA brings something brand new. Not Star Wars, not Sims, not Mass Effect. Something brand new.


are you talking about fifa 17 i am waiting for it!

Maxor1795d ago

My PS4 is dead and with the Neo or Scorpio on the way there's no way I'm getting a new console until then. Sony and MS really need to hurry the hell up and get these new consoles out so I can make my choice.

Maxor1795d ago

What warranties. I have a day one PS4.

Hold_It1795d ago

You do know when you buy a new system, you can call up the company and ask them for a warranty extension. Of course there's a charge for that, but it's usually cheaper if you do it that way, rather than waiting till the system is broken and then having to pay extra.

Retroman1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Dear EA if no "NEW" Need for Speed to reboot after your New need for speed this E3 im out.
dear SONY if their is not old skool games from 80's-90's for ps4 im out.
dear gamers.... im bored and tired of FPS only games. when will fun come back???..... dear developers, how long will us gamers play open world shooters???......she-it im tried of playing same she-it since 2006. ten years later we still playing the same "SHE-IT" open world whatever. anyone want to buy my ps4
at 58 years old im dead tried of same she-it since 2006 i can't play Call of duty, no man sky, Destiny,Battlefield any more. to much of the same repeat but different format these days. they all seem the same with different title name.
all in all they are Call of duty with different titles. been there done that sheesh, im bored. PS4 for sell.

how do you guys stand to play the same she-it over and over each year?? keeping my ps3 fuuck ps4
ps1-ps2 is the way to go for ol skool gamers.