Crowdfunding Analysis Time - The Failure of the OUYA

Josh Griffiths writes: "The latest episode of CAT takes a look at the ill-fated Ouya, as well as my personal experience with the little console that could. Or couldn't."

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garyanderson1804d ago

Fig these analysis videos, especially when they're on disasters like the Ouya.

MultiConsoleGamer1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

First they secured 8.5 million in crowd funding. Then another 16+ million in venture capital. The system had over 1000 games and roughly 500,000 units were produced. There was even a stealth upgrade 1.1 version with an improved controller and other hardware tweaks. One year they were banned from E3, the next they were on the show floor in the middle of IndieCade. At the end of the whole thing they were sold to Razer for a hefty sum. While certainly not PS4 levels of success, I also wouldn't call it a failure. Not by a long shot.

Symmetric1804d ago

it became the running joke of the gaming industry thanks to the hype and the monumental let down of the performance. When smartphones have more power than your console, and you tout your console to be the best innovation to come in the gaming industry in years, they failed miserably. The system had over 1000 games but 98% were worse than the snake game on an old Nokia phone, so quality over quantity (you may be ok with multiple hundreds of crap and mediocre games). 500,000 units were produced and manufacturing quality issues ran rampant among their controller and units. Not only that, but there was little to no sell through outside of the units that were pre ordered through Kickstarter (of which not everyone received theirs), so the demand after launch was literally in free fall. The last time something crashed this hard, the Dinosaurs went extinct. Was there when Julie and Ouya went up against E3, good quality laugh had then.

MultiConsoleGamer1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Your "98%" comment is silly and uninformed. Quite a few of those games are critically acclaimed, and available on other systems, including PC and PS4.

"No sell through outside of pre-order units." Also complete nonsense. An outright lie or you're just misinformed. The company actually produced a second model in black, a 1.1. system, that replaced the original model and was sold in retail stores. There was also at least two exclusive versions of the system that were sold online.

You are clearly a victim of things you have heard from second hand sources like NeoGAF. What you've said is the same sort of hyperbole we see when people say "ET caused the video game crash." Just urban legend perpetuated by ignorant gamers on message boards and the like.

I hate being in the awkward position of defending the Ouya, as there are a lot of negatives associated with it, but the facts are facts. And you're clearly wrong.

Ashlen1804d ago

The people who kickstarted it were so dumb. I remember a few days after they reached there kickstarter goal they asked people what games they wanted to see on the console and the number one game was Skyrim and I laughed so hard that the backers actually thought Skyrim was going to run on that crappy cell phone hardware.

SilentXCaspa1803d ago

Well it was funny while it lasted, and it wasn't a massive complete failure. It outsold the Xbone at one point. That was hilarious.