Review: The PlayStation 4 now has an elite controller: SCUF Infinity 4PS - Examiner

SCUF Gaming has come out with their new Infinity 4PS controller. Answering our prayers for the upgrades to the 4PS that match up with the SCUF Infinity 1, this is truly the best controller for the PlayStation 4.

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madmonkey011793d ago

still seems kinda pointless to me, guess i am not elitz enough.

SolidStoner1793d ago

for sure, if you suck at FPS the controller will not change a thing.. in fact controller can be better than a mouse in the right hands.. its takes alot to master but when you do, you get faster than anything.. these "elite" things will not help, its just a way to make money and customize!

boing11793d ago

I know what you're talking about. I'm playing on controllers for over 20 years. My friend recently let me play COD multi on PC and I said 'Sure, I can play if you connect the controller for me'. He laughed and said that I won't stand a chance with K&M players. Guess what? Most of the rounds ended with me being in top three. It's all about skills IMO.

Utalkin2me1793d ago

While i can agree it takes more then skill to be good at FPS. But hands down a K&M will outplay a controller 99% of the time. Using COD for your argument is completely stupid. First off it has auto aim for controller, yes even on PC. To make up the difference in the precision. Secondly, COD on the PC is not that popular. Most hardcore PC owners dont buy that regurgitated crap.

If you took the best player on K&M VS best player on controller, and i bet the controller player wouldn't even get a kill.

JEECE1793d ago

@boing1 Utalkin2me is right. If you want to compare controller vs K&M, you are going to have to pick a legitimate example. If you can do well with a controller in counter-strike (or a similar shooter without COD's aim assist), then people might start to take you seriously.

KwietStorm_BLM1793d ago

Guess that's why pro teams use them


Matpan1792d ago

Comparing Keyboard and mouse vs Controller playing is kinda like comparing F1 to Nascar... Sure, Nascar cars can go fst too... but hey, it´s just a freaking oval with banked corners...

Don´t get me wrong, controllers are incredibly competitive. And a top notch controller player will own most PC purists. Now pit a top tier Controller vs a top tier Keyboard and mouse player... it´s just a different ball game

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ninsigma1793d ago

It is pointless. These things aren't worth the money. You won't notice a difference.

slappy5081793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Wonder how durable they are? (I'm on my 3Rd controller already) Functionality wise certainly looks better than standard but the design looks cheap and anything but elite.
Edit: Holy crap its $125. Im all for the added functionality, but for that price I dont want something that looks like it was designed to be a 6 year old's cheap plastic toy. WHat the heck were they thinking when they were designing these!

nitus101793d ago

If the rubbers fail within a year and you have the receipt take the controller back for replacement. Over a year, unless you have an extended warranty and the controller is included then all you can do is either replace the rubbers (it's not that difficult) or buy a new dual shock 4.

slappy5081793d ago

I probably will end up buying customsible thumbsticks if it is easy to replace the rubbers. Like metallic thumbsticks or something. I should have the receipt for my 20th Anniversary DS4 controller, which is still in good knick. the oldest one, the R2 button is faulty - its 3 years old and cant be replaced. The 2nd controller also is out of warranty but I think if its got some nice thumbsticks on it I will have 2 perfectly functional controllers

Elwenil1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )


Check out Modsticks. They are machined aluminum sticks with various designs of top grips for you to choose as well as adjustable height. They aren't cheap, but compared to the controllers in this article, they are a bargain. I love my Modsticks and now that I am used to using them, the normal controllers just feel weird and twitchy. Pic:

slappy5081793d ago

@Elwenil That looks cool, I gotta get one of those

DarkHeroZX1793d ago

The price comes down a lot if you send in your own controller.

ITPython1793d ago

3rd controller? You chucking those things against the wall or something? I'm still using the ds4 that came with my launch PS4 in 2013 and absolutely nothing is wrong with it. I have been using it daily for at least an average of 3 hours a night too.

Although I do use a fpsfreek on the right stick, and had a shorter one on the left stick for maybe the first year. But no issues with the rubber on mine, and everything else still works fine.

Skate-AK1793d ago

I am on my 2nd. My R2 blew out on my original controller. Couldn't run in Assassin's Creed and my cars would drive at half throttle on any racing game. I am not sure how that happened because I have had Dualshock 3's for 4-5 years and they still work great.

slappy5081793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

At Skate ak my first controller also had a problem with the R2. 2nd one the thumbsticks are worn (mind you its still in working condition just needs new thumbsticks)
The 20th anniversary controller is my third. I've had it for about 8 months and it still looks good as new. And to answer your question ITpython NO I do not throw my controllers around. How do you explain that I've had 1 ps3 controller for 8 years without issue? I look well after my hardware. Regarding my 1st controller perhaps that was bad luck. As for the 2nd one the worn thumbsticks are a common problem. That being said I'd rate the DS4 the most comfortable control pad ever ever used. I even use it for my Pc gaming

joab7771793d ago

Wait til you have it in your hands. It's anything but cheap.

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