Shacknews: Fallout 3 Updated Impressions: Totally Rad

Shacknews' Nick Breckon writes:

"The moonlight was giving the skeletal buildings a ghostly quality when the Super Mutants charged.

I was way off the beaten path this time, on my own out in the cold, dark wasteland. Screw the main quests. Forget the map. The real way to experience the world of a Fallout game is to get lost in it. And the moment I did, I became irreversibly excited for October 28."

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UNCyrus3700d ago

you know what would be totally rad?? Trophy support

Rich16313700d ago

Yeah, I know. Seriously, there is no reason why it shouldn't have trophies. I mean Socom: Confrontation, Dead Space, BioShock, Motorstorm 2, Little Big Planet, and Far Cry 2 all come out either 2 few weeks before this game on the same day and have trophies. Bethesda = LAZY! I won't be buying it because of the lack of trophies. Call me a trophy whore if it makes you happy, but trophies add so much replayabilty that I will rather spend my time earning trophies than playing a game that doesn't have any.

UNCyrus3700d ago

yeah... I'm not a fan of how they treat PS3 users as third-class citizens, however they do make brilliant games, and trophies or not Fallout 3 is going to be a blast from beginning to end

DwightOwen3699d ago

Let's hope they patch it soon afterward.