The Future of PS4 Neo and Xbox Scorpio

There so many rumors about PlayStation 4 Neo, and the Xbox One Scorpio, its hard to keep track of them all. It seems everyone has an "Industry Insider" as a source or a reference. With the latest rumor, implying that the launch PS4's are having trouble with PS VR. Poli Games host, Joseph, try's his best to clear the air with all these rumors. What the reality of these consoles are. What do you all think about these consoles revisions? How many of you don't believe many of the rumors surrounding the Neo and Scorpio?

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Poli_Games1797d ago

What do you all think about PS4 Neo, and Xbox Scorpio? Do you think all these rumors are correct? Do you think this is a mistake? Or just the evolution of console gaming?

Herbalistic1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I just can't wait to find out the truth behind all the different rumors regarding new Xbox and Playstation upgraded machines

sinjonezp1797d ago

I agree. I think we have read and heard enough of speculatory arguements and we just need to see some factual proof. In my opinion, these systems will output 1080p with more detailed games but like below, 4K will be difficult. Even if they implement the r480 architecture, it may I let be plausible for 4K side scroller type games or some indies. 4k(SF2-alpha 3-SF3 anyone?) most likely we could see 4K redux games since that's been the mule these days. Bottom line, hopefully we will receive real concrete info soon.

JackBNimble1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

There is no way these consoles will ever play games in 4k, not in this gen anyway . The only 4k that you might see if these rumours are true, would be 4k blu-ray and UHD.

Fair enough

TFJWM1797d ago

@JackBNimble The same way a Xbox One game that runs at 720p is upscaled to 1080p, these new systems should easily be able to upscale to run 4k. Now native 4k is a totally different story.

sammarshall1021797d ago

I think it's the right move if we want better and better looking games even though games already look great today

Scorpio: Day 1

Omnislashver361797d ago

I just have to say I completely disagree with your ideas. First of all, PS4.5 cannot be 4k. You say it's not upgraded for VR, but say it can handle 4k? You know that's more than twice the power needed, so if it WAS a 4K console(which it's not, it would cost near $1000 to do so), it would inherently be able to handle VR speeds at 1080p, so if it were a 4K console(which it's not), it would inherently be better VR capable.

So right off the bat, you're wrong on multiple levels. It's far more likely it's VR, as that would actually be AFFORDABLE. You also understand a $1000 4K console wouldn't increase graphics because all of it's power would be thrown into resolution, right? So that's just hogwash. $1000 for the same graphics at a higher resolution at this point in time, is just crazy.

More than likely, they're putting an r480 together with a CPU in a new APU, and that's the new consoles. PS4 Neo will have better graphics at 1080p, not 4K, and also better framerates for VR.

showtimefolks1797d ago


i think both neo and scorpio are real. neo is a 2016 while scorpio is a 2017 launch period

both are needed. in this day and age we can not be stuck with a console that is outdated before it even launches. so i think this is a positive step. launch a console and in 3 years time relaunch it with stronger specs

people who are complaining now are xbox fanboys. these idiots will bash neo yet praise the heck out of scorpio. otherwise neutral gamer are interested in more powerful consoles

one a side note don't be surprised if xbox scorip ends up being xbox 2 and ms just leaves this gen behind because they can't compete with sony

JackBNimble1797d ago

Sorry but I disagree with your opinion , these consoles are not needed , and they certainly don't need to be upgraded every 3 years. If you are going to buy into this bullshit that an upgrade is needed every 3 years, then you may as well build a high end gaming rig because console gaming will become very expensive .
For myself , if upgrading consoles every few years becomes the norm , I will just stick with PC .

But I am one who doesn't believe that these rumored consoles are going to be what everyone seems to think. I doubt that sony executives sat around a meeting table and said to themselves ," we're out selling the competition by 20 million units , we need more power " . What I think was said was , "4k blu-ray and UHD will be out in March of 2016 , we need to get those blu-ray's in the ps4 to push the format out the door ".

Just my theory

showtimefolks1796d ago


to be honest with you what you said made quite a lot of sense. and i would actually be good with one console for 5-6 years of console cycle. i think come e3 both ms and sony need to be clear on their message because there is a lot of confusion

also i think for sony new console kind of mean competing against themself and they may lose sales. so yes i agree being ahead 20 million means they shouldn't release a new console anytime soon

Pogmathoin1797d ago

Personally, just release a new console, not an upgrade.... They both maybe going the Apple/Samsung route, with only every 2nd or 3rd version being a generational leap....

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Bobafret1797d ago

I am already tired of this new console war and the hardware hasn't even been confirmed yet.

medman1796d ago

LOL...thanks for the chuckle.

Kiwi661797d ago

The future of the neo and scorpio yet not much is known about them

candystop1797d ago

Doubt we hear anything about a new Xbox other than slim until next E3 or a future show.

NextGenCeo1797d ago

Microsoft not in consoles business anymore. They will do Win10 machines under the Xbox brand. You have a PC Windows 10 or Xbox Windows 10 doesn't matter, means you're on the Windows platform. PC and Xbox same platform and means no more Xbox Console just Windows Machines like SteamOS and machines!

Other hand Sony try to do Apple Eco system to their Playstation market or not we don't know yet. For 4K video and multimedia Playstation 4 doesn't need cpu or gpu upgrades. They just need system software update and HDMI 1.4b or HDMI 2.0 port. And for that Sony just announcement for PS4 Slim with better HDMI port and software tweaks.

Sony or Microsoft until today never says 4K gaming or something. Just PC fans doing that type news all round the world. No body wants to pay more than 300-400$ for game consoles. We saw that movie before with PS3 and 500-600$ price on market. And they failed first 2 years.
Anyway we will see in a week it will be new hardware or just slim models. But I don't think Sony not gone try mid-gen upgrade because PS4 still selling strong. Probably 4K slim model will be showing on E3 stage.

And don't forget one thing guys. Playstation or Xbox fans real ones never complain about resolution or fps. They just want to play good games without any problems. And they don't like the pay every 2-3 years for new upgrades. I'm the one of them.

Sorry for my English I'm ESL guy and still learning.

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