'Riverside' Announced for the Nintendo NX, To Release on VR As Well

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Any announcement of a game being in development for Nintendo’s mysterious upcoming system is exciting in itself, but what makes this situation so surprising is that the game is also in development for a VR platform. Just a few days ago, a rumor surfaced which reports that Nintendo has allegedly delayed the mass production of the NX in order to improve its heavily-rumored hybrid capabilities, and add virtual reality functionality. With Riverside coming to both NX and Oculus, this could suggest that the mysterious system may very well have VR functionality.

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ptownjbo1794d ago

Does this mean that the NX is going to have VR?!

Kurisu1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

That's the latest rumour. Things are starting to get interesting.


Riverside, let's go! Sorry, couldn't resist.

Germany71794d ago

That was a good one, lol.

DemonChicken1794d ago

Does imply that the specs would be quite high if indeed vr compatible either on release or I'm the near future after release

bradleejones1794d ago

I would bet on it. Sony and MS better get their Tflops up. Likely they are going to. Nintendo has kind of upset the cycle of hardware, I think.

superchiller1794d ago

"Nintendo has kind of upset the cycle of hardware, I think."

Just like they did with the Wii U, right? Oh wait ...

bradleejones1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

@superchiller Well Sony and MS are both rumored to be releasing hardware updates. No, the WiiU was not a threat, so obviously no one had to counter. I think ps4k, etc are a counter to the NX, though. Edit: also that was towards the END of a cycle. Now we are much closer to the start. That was more my point.

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andresegr1794d ago

Another Mario game....Yaaayyy.

EricWeichhart1794d ago

You didn't even read the title

donnieboy1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Not for me, but the Nx possibly having VR is interesting.

Zeldafan641794d ago

So long as VR is optional I don't care but I don't want it to be the main selling point. I really don't care for VR for two reasons, I don't particularly like first person perspective in video games and I don't want to be isolated from the outside world like that.

deafdani1794d ago

Not wanting the isolation is a perfectly valid concern, and one I share with you.

But regarding first person... VR games aren't restricted to first person. There are third person games as well, and the variety of games in VR will most likely expand once it gets past its experimental phase - which is the reason why we're seeing so many first person games on it now, but if VR takes off, developers will eventually make all kinds of games for VR, not just first person.

Zeldafan641794d ago

Even if they came out with third person experiences my second reason is the way bigger concern for me which is why I seriously doubt that I personally will ever care for it. I'd never want to use it for hours on end. To me it's just something that I'd maybe mess around with here and there if someone let me try theirs out.

freshslicepizza1794d ago

every gimmick on the nx should be optional but knowing nintendo it will be built in. ninetndo feels compelled to be different with the hardware, whether it be the controller or some other attachment. that way they can create new ways to play with existing ip's.

Zeldafan641794d ago

Yes and those new ways to play have been incredibly fun and immersive like Zombiu. Like I said I don't particularly like first person perspective in games but I should have added 'for the most part'. From my log I've put about 237 hours into that game and I could easily put another 237 more.

LIGATURE1794d ago

If it did have vr it would be a mobile version lol

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